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“OHH NO!! He is going to use that jutsu?!”

~ Typical secondary character in a typical anime on Main character in a typical anime

"That Jutsu", also referred to as "That Move" or "That Technique", is a general name representing either a secret technique which the user does not want to be discovered until he's using it or any move from Naruto.

“ I have no choice, I have to use that article idea”


While the first appearance of the "That Jutsu" is unknown (Although some people believe the creation of the world by god is the first That Jutsu) but there are some notable That Jutsus over the years like The great flood no jutsu, The fraud no jutsu, and the Grue summon no jutsu (presumed to be executed by The most evil person alive) .

People Who Are Likely to Perform a "That Jutsu"[edit]

Here are some examples to people who are likely to perform a This Jutsu:

Uzumaki Naruto[edit]

Probably the best example for a That Jutsu user. Every time Naruto is off-screen for a little while (between 10 seconds to 3 years) he usually comes up with a new That Jutsu. Here are a few examples: the kage That Jutsu, the sphere That Jutsu, the odema That Jutsu, and of course the amazing fuuton: That Jutsu! (technique name is spelled correctly only with an exclamation mark at the end).

The amazing fuuton: That Jutsu!

Any Other Character From Naruto[edit]

Although Uzumaki Naruto may be the one with the most That Jutsus, any character from naruto has the chance to get a That Jutsu, most of the times even if the character is weak if he/she is either willing to save their nakama, have a diabolical plan to take over the world or just like to blow up some shit he would eventually get his own That Jutsu.

Characters Who Lived Over 100 Years[edit]

Lets face it, if someone ha been living for over 100 years, he probably hides some That Jutsu, always keep that in mind if you are trying to think who will use a That Jutsu.

People with a name the can fit to this template: Kurosak_ Ichig_[edit]

With no exceptions anyone whose name consisted with the template Kurosak_ Ichig_ will get a lot of That Jutsus instantly (thought after getting these he will have to polish them). Even though there are tons of people who can fit into this template it is hard to find a fitting example.

Bill Gates[edit]

The person who uses the most effective That Jutsu - the mighty 'Steal ideas and sell for millions that jutsu'. Of course this jutsu does have side effect, most of the times the outcome of this jutsu will be a complete failure in terms of hardware though, it doesn't mean stupid people won't buy it.

Susan Boyle[edit]

In 2009 on Britains Got Talent, when Susan walked on stage the audience was laughing their ***** off because they expected good looks equals talent. They though they were seeing a walking joke. But no! Susan's not one to be trifled with. She had something never seen before on a TV talent show, talent! Susan shocked them and the world when she turned the audience around with her own "That Jutsu". Epic.

Typical Reactions[edit]

The first time the author of naruto understood he should acknowledge all of his jutsu as That Jutsus

“ What is that jutsu?!”

~ A typical reaction

“ That jutsu, what is that?!”

~ Another typical reaction

Most of the times, the reaction to a That Jutsu will be an astonished WTF. If someone other then the user of the That Jutsu know about its existence and know its going to be used he will probably react like this "OMG he is going to use that [email protected]!$1"

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