That time I got blown up by a Boss during my sojourn in a video game

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Dude, that friggin' Boss killed me! Like, WTF?

So there I was[edit]

playing this really awesome video game, blowing up enemy soldiers and racking up experience points, after some NPC dude told me why I had to do all this in an opening cutscene. You know, like Final Fantasy shit.

He looked like this, only with a health bar on top of his head.

and then this fucking boss[edit]

pops up out when I least expected him to (well, it was my first time playing the game). But instead of beginning with some sorta monologue like "You will never defeat me! blah, blah, blah" he shot an RPG sorta thing at me right away, blowing me fifty feet into the air, and reducing my HP to zero!

so I had to[edit]

start all over again from the last save point, losing all the progress I had made since saving my game there. Given that I was playing an RPG, this set me back by a good five hours!

No seriously, THAT BOSS BLEW ME UP!