That time a bunch of youths made fun of my bald head during my sojourn to Bethel

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It pretty much went down like this.

Dude, those fucking children were evil. Like, WTF?

So there I was[edit]

walking along the road to Bethel, doing my prophet thing trying convert everyone to Yahweh, right? Like, with real badass miracles and shit.

and these youths[edit]

come out of town, all wicked from Baal-worshipping, or something, and start making fun of my bald head! They were all like, "Go up, thou bald head! Go up, thou bald head!"

so I turned around[edit]

and looked at the little shits, and called out a curse upon them in the name of Yahweh.

and then these two she bears[edit]

come out of the woods and ripped 42 of them to shreds! Hallelujah!

I went on to Mount Carmel without a scratch on my body.

No, seriously. I nearly let them get away with mocking my bald head.

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