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“Grant Hill, not Allen Iverson”

~ Tamia
For those without comedic tastes, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Allen Iverson.

(Maybe we should define what question to answer first.)

Note: These are two people attempting to arrive at a consensus as to: The Answer.

No that's the wrong answer.

The real answer is 47.

No its simple; the answer's 4. The question is irrelevant.

The answer is not constant for there is a page entitled editing the answer.

Eljacko sez: "Clearly as we are able to bicker about the subject we will have to use a complex mathematical equation and mix several nonexistent chemicals such as Humorus and Redikalaus in order to find the true answer and by the time we finish with that we will have bigger problems than THE ANSWER."

Not really, we just need to come up with a formula that allows all numbers to be the answer. Ah, I've got it:

Answer=Number x 0

No, wait, that just makes the answer 0. Anyone got any other ideas?

  • Yeah, sure. 9x6=42 in base thirteen. Thirteen is six plus seven. Six times seven equals 42. Fuck you, bishes.
  • Clearly you have no mathematical knowledge, solve this simple equation and you will easily find The Answer:

  • This would be a lot simpler if the units didn't cancel out.

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