The Anus Of The World

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the anus of the world
El Spain (The Anus Of The World)
Coat of Arms
Motto: "Hello. My name is Giño Hosjmar. You killed my father. Prepare to die.",
Anthem: Gayness.
721px-Location Spain EU Europe 2.png
Capital Madrid (the penis of the world)
Largest city Father Abraham
Official language(s) Anal but sometimes russian mixed with some bulgarian
Government Constitutional Monarchy (formerly a Republic by the Grace of osama bin laden)
President osama bin laden
‑ The King of party Saddam Hussein
Favorite Musical Instrument Guitar
National Hero(es) osama bin laden saddam hussein star-trek (GAY)
Established 15th Century. But now it's owned by Afghanistan!
Currency the algrebski(but they wish they were taken in the ass)
Religion Gay-ism
map of europe since 1563
Spanish president Osama bin Laden speaking out over the term anus of the world


The Anus of the world, or in other words Spain has had this name since 1563. this was when the romans took over spain and used it in their powerfull empire. after some months the roman Sjeik Hammad Geroulda Osama Ferople Laden realised that spain was no more than a place with overstressesed and pathtic star-trek people. he visited the anus of the world in 1568 , after a long journey he finally arrived. the first words he said were, Holy cr*p this is the anus of the world! this was the origin of the new name of spain.

use today[edit]

The name anus of the world is still used nowadays against the spanish nazi-terrorost organisation al-quaida. usually people think spain is a nice country with beaches and sun but when they arrive they soon change their mind and know the truth, that spain is the anus of the world. many spanish dislike the word especially Osama bin Laden the spanish president says he doesn't like it, he has already proven his point by the attacks on 9/11 but the americans took advantage of this and blamed the muslims instead of spain.


the spanish people have held demonstrations on the 24th of march 2004 called the Hosjmar demonstrations. these demonstrations were held in different cities under which Madrid the penis of the world. most of the demonstrators were Gay-ists , gay-ism is a popular religion in Spain and they don't like the name anus of the world because you you know.

famous Hosjmar demonstrations in Spain


It's obvious that the biggest concequence is the attack on 9/11. there is 103% evidence that the spanish were responsible, also spanish president Osama bin Laden sais that he planned the attacks on 9/11 but the americans needed an excuse to attack the muslims in Afghanistan. Osama plans another attack to get the attention of the world, the new attack will probably be on the studio of Hello Kitty, Osama sais that if that happens Obama has no choice and he has to remove the term anus of the world

Anus of the world's pay unit the Algrebski

the Bombing[edit]

There are plans to bomb the anus of the world, proposed by NATO (N00b Anti Terrorist Organisation). They plan to bomb the anus of the world to get rid of it for good, but there is one big concequence and that is that the world hasn't got a country to make fun of anymore. The UN and the EU are thinking of a solution, but bombings are planned and likely to commence in 2012. Other nations seek for alternatives to bombings. Mexico has suggested chili peppers as a means of showing the anus of the world what stings. As Mexico stated on an official telex message: Chili burns twice.