The B-Team

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If your problem isn't all that serious, if no one else can help, and if you can find them... maybe you can hire the B-Team.

The B-Team started as a way to help kids who could kind of play basketball, but who worked their little fannies off, feel better about themselves. The kids on the B-Team got to practice 15 hours per week just like the A-Team, squeak their $150 shoes on the gym floor just like the A-Team, but unlike the A-Team, the B-Team was never worshipped. They were forced to play in the old, un-renovated gymnasium, to catch athlete's foot from the A-Team, and, most tragicallly of all, to maintain mediocre academic standards. No teacher lets a kid on the B-Team slide by. The most unfortunate person on the B-Team is the kid who just barely missed the cut for A-Team. He's the only person on the B-Team who actually cares what the score is, and he is perpetually tormented by his loser teammates. Often he transfers to a school with a crappier A-Team so he can at least play in a friggin' game once in a while.

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