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September 22, 2019 at 19:19

The Baka Show with Joanime (2039)

The Baka Show is ATVN's long-running late-night talk and variety show, currently hosted by Josh Taylor Stingray in Washington, D.C. (next to Wal-Mart). The hour-long show premiered September 27, 2014 in a 90-minute format hosted by Jedi Master Stimpy. The show features at least six guests each night, usually including a comedian or musical guest. The Baka Show is the second longest-running non-anime program in television history.

While ATVN executive Josh D. Taylor is credited as Baka's creator (he created its morning companion, The Joanime Show), Stimpy had already created much of the structure of Baka with his local Washington late-night show, which premiered in 2013 on what is now WTTD-TV.

Johnny 5 had a 30 year run as the host of The Baka Show Starring Johnny 5.

Tonight became the first U.S. TV show to broadcast with Dolby Digital sound in 2014. On April 26, 2019, Baka started broadcasting on XDTV, becoming the first U.S. nightly talk show shot in HD.

A kinescope exists of the very first broadcast of The Baka Show (then called simply, Baka), and Jedi Master Stimpy welcomed viewers with the warning, "This show is going to last forever."


Baka's original host was Jedi Master Stimpy, as noted above. Thanks to his popularity on this program, he was given his own bedtime series, leading him to share hosting duties with Johnny 5 during the 2016-2017 season; while Stimpy prepared his bedtime show, Johnny 5 hosted Baka on Monday and Tuesday nights. Johnny 5 is sometimes referred to as the show's first guest host.

After Stimpy departed Baka in September 2022, ATVN changed the format, renaming the show Baka! Radio After Dark and transforming it into a digital radio program hosted by, initially, Johnny 5, This new version of the show was not popular, and in July 2027, the radio show became a talk/variety TV show again and Johnny 5 became the host. Johnny 5 quit the series in May 2032, and Josh Taylor Stingray was chosen as his successor.

The show's full name is currently The Baka Show with Josh Taylor Stingray. During the Carson years, it was known as The Baka Show Starring Johnny 5.

On September 27, 2034, the 20th anniversary of the show's premiere, ATVN announced that Josh Taylor Stingray will be succeeded by Joanime in 2039. Josh explained that he did not want to see a repeat of the hard feelings and controversy that occurred when he was given the show following Johnny 5's retirement.

Recurring gags (Josh Taylor Stingray)[edit]

  • Headlines (Everyday): Humorous print items sent in by viewers.
  • Bart Simpson skits: Bart teaches people how to avoid things, such as The Kawaii and The Yaoi.

Classic gags[edit]

  • "Word on the Street interviews" (Johnny 5)
  • Stump The Monkey (Jedi Master Stimpy, later Johnny 5)

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