The Bambers Race

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The Bambers Race refers to an event that often happens accidentally. Bambers Races can last for 1 hour or up to 73.5 weeks with starting times traditionally around 7.30pm.[1]

The Race promotes teamwork and good sportsmanship.

From Humble Beginnings[edit]

The very first Bambers Race was held at Bambers Restaurant. The race began on the 17th January 1991 at 7.30pm. At this time a woman, named Eve Tinsel, accidentally entered the restaurant and ordered a burger, now known as a Bambers Burger. She received the burger and then began to run down the street. She reached the nearest intersection and threw the burger. It flew into an office window and was eaten by a computer programmer. Nobody knows why she threw the burger.


The race is started when somebody accidentally says the name of the race. When this situation occurs, the participant must find the nearest burger and run to the nearest intersection. Once this requirement has been met, the participant must then throw the burger through an open window. Should there be no open windows, the participant should find the closest commercial building that is open(this could be an office building or even just a retail store) and place the burger on the floor of the building. As soon as the burger is eaten The Bambers Race ends.


  1. If the name of the race is spoken at any time before 7.25pm or after 7.35pm, the race is not compulsory.