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This article is about the television comedy. For the scientific theory, see Big Bang. For other uses, see Your mom.
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“I'm supposed to get Chinese food for Sheldon? Ack! It's too much pressure!”

~ Tweak on South Park, The Next Generation

“How about some more of those Superfried eggs”

~ Lt. Comdr. Data on Star Trek, The Next Generation

“(Radiator hissing noise)”

~ Dr. Raj Koothrappali on mother-son relationships and how they influence the SETI program

The Big Bang Theory is a American television show about nerds and the woman they built.

Smells like burning batteries with a hint of vanilla

Background Radiation[edit]

The Big Bang Theory is based on a 1787 treatise "Das Theorie der Bigus Bangus Boom" by Heinrich Henckel Poofterberg, a German scientist. In it, he speculated that there would come a time when the brain's functions would be set aside for television. The treatise contained detailed specifications, drawings, and schematic diagrams for said television. Unfortunately, this work was lost, along with many of his hit songs.

Then in 1913, Jerold "Pinhead" Carpentier, the founder of the Amalgamated Scriptwriters and Bass Gutting Union, acquired some of Poofterberg's letters. In one letter, Poofterberg seems to outline the first episode of the series. Carpentier did not understand what he was reading, however, and the series would have to wait 70 years more.

Unaired Pilot[edit]

There was an unaired pilot. It was never aired, hence its unaired status. The public should rest assured, however, that this pilot will never see the light of day. Unless its on YouTube. Here, let me check...


Sir Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, Ph.D, M.D., (played by Johnny Galecki): As the leader of this merry band of science thugs, he is one half of what it would take a waitress working extra shifts at the Cheesecake factory to pay the rent.

Sir Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Ph.D, M.D., D.D.S., D.V.M. (Honorary Member of Starfleet Academy (Played by Jim Parsons): He's, well, the other half. And he's quite annoying. I wouldn't sit in his spot if I were you.

Dr. Penny Van Peltenborg-Ramirez, Ph.D (Honorary Shotokan Degree from Online University)(Played by Kaley Cuoco-Unsweetened): She is the emotional glue that holds the unstable nerd nucleus together.

Dr. Howard Wolowitz, Ph.Oyvey (Played by Simon Helberg): The only Jewish scientist in America without a Ph.D, Wolowitz usually provides a witty repartee to many of the gang's sticky issues, like how does NASA let a man without a Ph.D board the space station? And when do we get to see his sexy mom?

Dr. Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali, Ph.D (Played by Kunal Nayyar): As the only Indian astrophysicist in California, Raj later joined his father's gynecology practice in New Delhi, were he met a beautiful astronomy grad student. They got married and had 3.5 children. He's so happy now with his new wife, three lovely daughters, 0.5 of a boy and all those vaginas to play with at work. Just kidding. Actually he still sits on the floor at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment.

Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler, Ph.D, MBA, SAT (Played by Mayim Bialik): The second part of the autistic pairing that is Shelamy. An accomplished neurobiologist, Amy uses her knowledge to skillfully remain a loyal servant to Sheldon.

Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, Ph.D, DDT, WXYZ: (Played by Melissa Rauch) Ay, mama mia! What a spicy meatball! But seriously, the word is that Howard and Bernadette may be an item. Time will tell! Fingers crossed!

Dr. Stewart Bloom, Ph.D of Nerdful Antiquities (Played by Kevin Sussman): As the original inspiration for Prozac, Stewart used the proceeds from his long stay at the research facility to build his vast collectibles empire. Although people still go to that other shop to buy comics...anyway, onward and upward!

Dr. Beverley "Nutcrusher" Hofstadter (Played Christine Baranski): Leonard's mother. Impaired by a moderately-high I.Q. coupled with mild autism, Dr. Hofstadter is single and unemployed, both conditions caused by the fact that she compulsively reduces her bosses and lovers to tears.

Breaking: Eleventh Season[edit]

According to sources at TMZ, the show's tentacles will be extended into 2018. This will be the last season, at the end of which the cast will attempt time travel back to Season One.

Season 11[edit]

Episode 1: The Big Backdated Theory: Leonard continues his apology tour; Sheldon and Amy are locked in a staring contest; Howard loses the Mars Orbiter. Special guest star: that girl from The Hunger Games...what was her name...

Episode 2: The Whore of Omaha Revision: Penny's friend, Christy, returns to Pasadena to wreak havoc on The Wolowitz marriage; Raj frets as he tries to find a bride for his wedding; Bernadette beats Howard with a hammer for no apparent reason. Special guest star former Mayor Giuliani as Jimmy from "South Park"

Episode 3: The Gorn Fishing Approximation: The gang goes fishing and catch several bubble-lipped bass; The Gorn and his family join the gang later for a fish dinner; Sheldon awakens from the coma to find the living room furniture rearranged.

Episode 4: The Shark Jump Effect: The gang assemble for their first annual Dune-a-thon, only to realize that Dune is real; Sheldon awakens from his second coma in time to watch the Dune-a-thon, already in progress

Episode 5: The Confliction Conundrum: Raj and Wolowitz are locked in Curtain Area 2, where they fall in love; Leonard and Penny argue about semantics; Sheldon and Amy go shopping but are ejected after revealing Victoria's Secret.

Episode 6: The Giant Squid Postulation: Leonard receives a visit from his favorite TV detective, Kojak (cameo appearance by Telly Savalas); The Gorn sues Sheldon for breach of contract; Gorn loses and so eats Sheldon.

Episode 7: The Quantum Basket Case: Raj is deported back to India where he joins his father's gynecology practice; Penny screams for no reason at all; Leonard flinches as Kurt moves in with Penny (maybe that's why she screamed, I dunno)

Episode 8: The 5-Sigma Guesstimation: Sheldon recovers from multiple Gorn abrasions to postulate a new theory; The laundry room catches fire causing Leonard and Penny go without fresh underwear; Raj awakens from his coma to find the Gorn sitting by his bedside.

Episode 9: The Nightmare Gorn Sequence: The Gorn reads the newspaper while drinking his morning coffee; The Gorn goes for a jog; The Gorn goes to work; The Gorn's wife cooks Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette in a stew for her husband; The Gorn is late for dinner; The Gorn's wife finds racy Gorn emails in the Gorn's computer.

Episode 10: The Extrapolation of Red October: Leonard overhears Penny speaking Russian while on the phone; The elevator repairmen finally fix the elevator; Sheldon exposes canonically conjugate variables as a hoax; Raj and Howard take the elevator for a maiden run and become stuck between floors. Special guest star: Dr. Stephen Hawking, MD, PhD, DoD

GPS Coordinates Of People Who Watch This Series (For Drone Use Only)[edit]

GPS NAV SATELLITE 2 TRANSPONDER 58 MIL SAC DEV Tracking your current position at Latitude 42.41, Longitude 71.20 Please wait....drones are on their way.....please wait....

Favorite Show Lines[edit]

Sheldon: It's awfully quiet in here.

Leonard: That's because there's only one person contributing to this article. It's almost as if everyone else is on strike.

Sheldon: Boy, you said it, brother. Look at that, you know? We're bonding.

Leonard: Yeah. Look at that.