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The Davidz is the name of an all-transgender band rock band.

All band members were born in 1944. The names of the members are David Davidz, Lonnie Davidz, Dick Davidz, and Charles Bennington III. As best friends, they formed in the eighth grade to play for their school's annual "1969 Love Fest". The only girl band in their town, they were relatively unknown until they were out of high school and received sex changes. They are all self-taught musicians and practiced in a crack-house nearly every day during middle school. They are sometimes described as a heavy-industrial-techno-punk-new age band, but the band itself denies any kind of affiliation with modern music at all. This could be the result of the horrendous sounds which cannot be classified as music that emanate from the guys/girls.

Experimenting with different musical styles and types of heroin, they underwent a variety of band names (Black China, Tar Baby, and The Elephant Men/Women) before settling on The Davidz. They worked with producer and Baywatch star David Hasselhoff for their first album, simply called Exponential Racering of the Germanic Ultra Race, was entirely written by Hasselhoff and released on his own SexGod! record label. (It was later released again on Lollapalozalozapola! Records.) They took a week off of their senior year of high school to tour Ecuador and experimented with acocaine/LSD mix with other prominent drug-dealing transvestites. They signed with Lollapalozalozapola Records. As the band grew, they were urged to sign with a major label company. In 1946, they signed with Germaphobia Records. THis turned out to be a disastrous relationship as the executives at Germaphobia Records mistook the Davidz to actually be women. When they attempted to "take advantage" of the band,(anally raping and stuffing with turkey giblets), they were surprised to find both sets of sexual organs on the band members. Nevertheless, 9 months later, the band gave birth to two small deformed goldfish. Only two goldfish were born. The other "child" turned out to be a massive poop due to the fact one of the band members had been huffing pro-constipation medicine.

Some of their influences include Monkey Satan, Last Chance at Suicide, Harajuku Harem, All-White Southern Superstars, Nostradamus, Michael Jackson (white stage), and Bret "The Heartbreak Kid" Hart.

A cover of "Hershey Highway Humpin'" was used in a Disney commercial.

The band appeared in the movie Backdoor Beezies 7 in 1979 (as the fluffers). They also appeared in the teen comedy Iwo Jima: 2010 as the prom band, contributing two songs to the soundtrack ("Automatic Mechanical Machine" and "Checkin' Bio-tches Out"). The Davidz can also be heard on Bangers and M.A.S.H. during the end credits playing a cover of the Gary Glitter song "Dancing With Myself and my Two Underage Cambodian Hookers", and they also contributed to the soundtrack of the movie Grindin' on a Wing-Wang (2003 film).


  • Im Eating a Polish Hoagie [7" EP] (1996) (Lord Hasselhoff Records)
  • Surreal Whale (released 1998) (Diseased Bum Association) feat. ([Eminem])
  • American Goths in Ecuador (1998) (Man/Woman/Dog Records)
  • Skintight Armadillo Condomz (1999) (Man/Woman/Dog Records)
  • Rolling in Human Pudding (2001) (Man/Woman/Dog Records)
  • Raping Hasselhoff (2002) (Man/Woman/Dog Records)
  • Rising of the Trannies (2004) (Man/Woman/Dog ecords)