The Doctor (Doctor Who)

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September 22, 2019 at 10:07

“Count to five, Tamia, if you can”

Doctor Who is the greatest doctor in the world, and resides in England. Also known as The Doctor, Doctor Who has clashed on numerous occasion with Dr. Mario, another doctor claiming he was the coolest. Doctor Who then hired Master Chief and Samus Aran to assassinate Dr. Mario, in which Master Chief succeeded, killing Dr. Mario but in reality reincarnating his plumber version, Mario.

After Doctor Who acquired the Megavitamins used by Dr. Mario, he hired Nintendo to make video games with him as the main character. They did, but the games were so sucky Doctor Who gave up all hopes of becoming a video game star. So he decided to take up a life of decrime, the opposite of crime.

Doctor Who began working in the Big Ugly English Hospital in Britian. There he found the way to cure the diseases cancer and scorpio. He was then declared by Pope John Paul II a saint and canonized by Oscar Wilde in the Vatican. Today he still helps patients who don't have lives.