The End of the world

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The End of the world is a series of events that are supposed to take place in a distance future (from 3 days to 100,000 years from the present).

According to some religious groups, it is better to prepare for these dramatic events by repenting one's sins, and by praying. However, most spiritual leaders demonstrate by their actions that it is important to "enjoy it while you can", and tend to practise intensive sex, drinking and drug comsumption because "Ya never know what's next, baby" (Pope John Paul II to one of his many sex partners, regarding the end of the world).

An alternative viewpoint holds that a small typographical mistake occured when the terms of the End of the World were dictated to humans, and that they were actually meant to be "REPEATING one's sins, and PLAYING."

Different scenarios have been considered for the end of the world:

- The collision between earth and a very very big piece of rock, also known as the "Aerosmith Theory". Today, the Aerosmith Theory is less likely to happen because mankind is able to send a significant number of movie stars into space to "show that freakin' asteroid who's in charge" (Bruce Willis to Pope John Paul 2, regarding the end of the world).

- The Return of the Beast. The Beast declined to comment about this, but his lawyer told the press "My client is morally upset by these accusations. No one can live forever while being portrayed as the bad guy"

- A nuclear war, followed by the takeover of the Earth by hostile cyborgs. Contacted about this, the leader of the cyborgs declared "I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle". This declaration has of course a symbolic meaning that no one managed to understand so far.

- A large alien attack. This has been cancelled because of budget cuts, and also because the schedule would have interferred with the United States' Independence Day.

Other theories have been proposed, but who cares?