The Famous Astro-Navigation Exam Joke From Red Dwarf

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What Is The Famous Astro-Navigation Exam Joke From Red Dwarf?[edit]

The basic premise of the joke is simple.

1. Sign up to the Space Corps at around some time in the 23rd century.

2. Train as a cadet, ensuring that you pass all your examinations prior to your final astro-navigation exam.

3. Study really hard the night before the exam.

4. Now for the for the really important part. Forget absolutely everything that you have ever learned over the course of your short and uneventful life.

5. Sit the exam and answer the questions as follows:-

. Write "I am a fish" exactly four hundred times

. Do a funny little dance

. Pass out.

6. Now enjoy your career as a chicken soup machine maintainence technician.