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“They're FAAABULOUS, darling.. But it hurts my mind, and ears, since they're not from the 80s.”

~ Oscar Wilde on the GazettE

“I Love Reita!!!”

~ A typical fangirl on the GazettE


~ PYDE Y. IKI on the GazettE

“Those are girls, right? ”

~ A Gay boy on the GazettE

“No, these are men. Why can't men love them too? ”

~ A Man fan on the GazettE

The Gazette (ガゼット Gazetto), stylized as the GazettE, is a Japanese visual kei rock/metal band formed in early 2002, and currently signed to Sony Music Japan's AAA Records. They are now an influential pioneer of the Visual Kei scene around the globe.

The following is a set of undisputed facts on the GazettE (Japanese pronounciation: "neg"), a Japanese rock band/pagan diety that started only a few short years ago, and its individual members. Everything here is absolutely true. The odds are that if somebody says otherwise, they are lying to you, and should be reported immediately or later.


For those without comedic tastes, the "questionable parody" of this website called Wikipedia think they have an article about the GazettE.

Originally intended to be the second coming of Jesus, the band is the result of a tumultuous set of aglaphotis-related accidents that completely botched the original concept. At the end of all the mess, it turned out that the resulting being was not our lord and savior, but a pagan deity inspired by four basic doctrines; Red, Yellow, Purple and Blue. What religion this deity is pagan to, exactly, remains a mystery, and has ever since due to the fact that Nobody cares enough to figure it out. (And why would they, damnit? Is there money involved? Hell no.)

For a while things went on just fine after that, until to a horrible accident with the Chinese emperor lead to the deity being split into four separate beings and imprisoned in the bodies of four Japanese men. After a few scandalous confrontations with the one true evil, these men and their sacred holy mother, Kai, went on to wage a holy war against the scientologists under the guise of being a musical group.

As you may be able to tell tell, this is some serious fucking business. You better leave it alone unless you're an expert.

2002: Conception and early work[edit]

The band reads some Nc-17 fictions about themselves, but will deny having done so when asked.

While the fractions of the god themselves have existed since forever, the band was only recently begun in the late 20th century due to the recent invention of cross-dressing. After waiting in the shadows for George W. Bush and X Japan to develop Visual Kei, they sprung into action and soon rose to high fame after the release of Wakaremichi, which, in the language of the gods, means "I'm going to fucking kill all of those kitten-huffers so help me god." The group has now become popular in the underground of Japan, America and The Czech Republic, mostly among 12 year old girls. They are currently featured in countless examples of Yaoi fanfiction, which they will deny reading or supporting if asked. But truthfully, half the band's income results from them sexually exploiting themselves in public for money. through a stage act known as fanservice.

While many other bands in the genre consider the GazettE to be cheaters for using their divine powers to achieve fame, the heart of the matter is that there's absolutely nothing they can do about it. The band gained instant momentum due to their absolute powers over all of existence, (never)reaching number one on some sort of chart or another, just like every other band that anybody's ever heard of in all of history. After appearing on numerous magazines and engaging in plenty of fanservice, their fame finally had absorbed enough of the fangirls' life energy to achieve 'super sayan' mode, thusly becoming super fame. Despite all that, nobody past the age of 17 seems to have heard of them. It is popular belief that this is because they are immune to the truth. The real point here is that the GazettE is using their divine status to their advantage, but nobody knows about it thanks to the evil Liberal Media Conspiracy

(Disclaimer; this knowledge has been found to be dangerous while in the hands of idiots. If you are an idiot, please seek assistance from a parent or guardian before handling, feeding, or grooming this information, or stepping outside your home. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't even be on the internet. To leave the internet, please proceed to your nearest here.)

The Members of the GazettE[edit]

Ruki, Vocalist.[edit]

Ruki wears a cowboy hat to appeal to his audience in middle America. (Pro tip; it didn't work.)

Ruki is the 'red' fraction of the deity, created to invoke passion, life and creativity into the heart of mankind. His face mirrorred the world as he believed Asia to be the strongest continent and the rising sun on Japan's flag reflects on this compassion. Ruki depised Scientologists believing that they were fucking stupid faithless humans. Unfortunately, he kept it all to himself. (The greedy bastard.) When Kai found out, Ruki got a stern talking to and was eventually convinced to let artistic inspiration back into the world of mortals, resulting in the European Renaissance. However, just before the turn of the 90's, Ruki accidentally ate the concept of originality while making a sandwich, thusly dooming the world to endure god awful things such as Rap Music and Linkin Park.

Despite having existed for all of eternity, Ruki has never mastered English sentence structure. Now, he tries to make up for his failure by writing nonsense jumbles of English words into his band's lyrics. Together with similar antics from other bands in the genre, this resulted in the language phenomenon known as Engrish, which eventually deviated into Kyogrish, which eventually replaced Italian as the national language of Narnia due to its incredible flexibility of meaning. Middle Earth and Hungary were soon to follow.

Reita, Bassist[edit]

Reita calling the Whitehouse to 'have a chat'

Reita is the 'yellow' portion of the four-pronged deity. His job is to implant the positive, manly ideals of courage! compassion! and valor! However, due to the nature of humanity to all-around suck at that sort of thing, he has yet to complete his mission. Reita has retained the most resolve in his situation, and has yet to give up on the human race, insisting that he is 'manly and straight' on every occasion. However, it's been recently proven that Reita is actually quite gay, considering he fathered himself and his three brothers with Kai in a terrible time-travel accident, which eventually resulted in Reita being a god for a fraction of his existence. The odd clothing over his nose actually hides the mark of the god.

Reita is a fan of Bananaphones, for they are the only cellular device capable of transporting his godly voice without bursting into flame. Recently, Reita has used his Bananaphone to get more involved with the political manners of the day, in attempts to spread the scripture of the 'yellow' fraction of the deity. When looking at Reita's call list, one will find that he's been making important, manly calls to all walks of human life, including a pizza, his cat, and Bejing-jing-jing. Seeing the usefulness of this device, he has recently begun supporting the promotion of the banana-phone. After all, who wouldn't want one? It's a phone with appeal. And, they're yellow.

Places and people that Reita has not called on his Bananaphone include The Czech Republic, Bill Kaulitz, Banana Republic, and Your mom.

Uruha, "Tallest Purple" Guitar[edit]

Despite popular belief, he'll eat your face off.

Uruha, the ‘purple’ fraction of the deity, is a raging drunk. In his early years of godhood, he was recorded to have smashed, burned and sodomized every resident of Atlantis before it sank due to global warming. But all he actually ever destroyed was mankind’s hope to ever be more threatening than he is. This makes sense, because purple is a malevolent color by nature, and the purple fraction of the deity is the most violent and manipulative.

In their earlier years, Uruha tried making money for the band by working as a whore in the red light district; he gave up after a while because many of his clients decided to rape him instead of paying him to consent. This caused him to resort to alcohol as a means to ease the pain inside. Eventually he decided to stick with being a slut instead of whore. Despite the loss of this source of income, the rest of the band approved for reasons that are obvious.

According to a recent study on indecent exposure in Japan, Uruha was found to have what experts referred to as "very sexy legs". The fans themselves, when asked, remarked that they already knew he had sexy legs due to his love and possible medical addiction to hot pants and garter belts. (Only one picture has been seen with him wearing a skirt... "Unfortunately," remarks a leading expert.) Further commentary reveals that his sexy legs and plump lips rival Aoi's girly factor in a very big way. However, despite the rivalry, both Aoi and Uruha have managed to keep up a very passionate love life involving sex in the tour car. Don't worry, it's a rental! (Mother Kai was still not amused when told he couldn't join in)

Uruha’s hobbies include raping Aoi, being awesome, and eating babies to preserve his youthful appearance. Other deities within his plane of existence often disagree with one or all of these actions. To mention the more noteworthy of these events, one day Bhudda himself slapped Uruha for eating babies; the action simultaneously violated every individual guideline of the eightfold path. As a retort, Uruha invented Judaism. The world was never the same.

Uruha two?[edit]

Once in an interview, Uruha said he would like to clone himself and call it "Uruha Two". A lot of fan girls strongly supported him in the desire is it would mean they could have 'smexi time' even if the original Uruha didn't like them or had to go away for a live. When asked his opinion, Aoi said he would be keeping all the Uruhas to himself, because it would mean he would get twice the hot seme action.

In response, Ruki punched him in the face and was thought to have said that the "hot seme action was all his, bitch." This swiftly ended the argument.

The controversy also brought into question what the English language would accept as the correct plural form of Uruha. After much debate, the end result was that both "Uruha" and "Uruhas" were an acceptable plurification upon the root noun.

More fun facts that might save your life. (Knowledge is Power)[edit]

Figure B
  • Uruha's name is a scary robot monster, as seen in figure A.
  • While he is not having sex (or even when he is) Uruha loves drinks. Give him a drink and he will love you forever. Or maybe not, since Aoi would cry (he does that a lot), but he'll love you for a few seconds at least. Uruha's love is directly convertible to Mexican Pesos at your nearest Wal-Mart, and is the national currency of Korena.
  • Uruha is not afraid of Fire.
  • Uruha's legs are naturally hairless, because even protein is afraid of him.'

Aoi, Guitar[edit]

Aoi pretending to like Metallica

Aoi is the 'blue' fraction of the deity, hence his name. The blue deity is devoted to the balance and harmony of all living things, bringing tranquility and calm to the masses. However, Aoi was never very good at this, so he resorted to giving everybody crack instead. This really didn't work out so well. Eventually, he gave up entirely, which explains why the world is in the sorry state it's in.

He pretends to like Metallica ,but is actually a devoted fan of The Cure. It was recently discovered that all of his Metallica CD cases actually contained burnt CDs of The Cure and Linkin Park, a music pirate, the most evil combination of all things on the planet.

After the news of his illegal downloads were published, Aoi was taken in custody. The band visits him every other Sunday with a gift basket. However, as Aoi nowadays has lots of leisure time, he single-handedly wrote all of the band's fourth studio album, "It's so dim in here I can't see what I'm playing".

Aoi is often considered the prettiest of the group, probably because he spends so much of his time around acoustic guitars, which has been proven to make you absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, it's predicted that eventually this will all go to his head, and the others may murder him out of jealousy.

People that look like Aoi[edit]

People that look like Aoi include, but are not limited to, Alessa from Silent Hill, Eva Longoria, Miyavi, and That Guy. This is most likely because Aoi is actually the third rebirth of Alessa, and will one day lead us all to paradise. As for Miyavi... well, hellifino. Maybe he's the long lost fifth brethren of the deity. Like that one person in captain planet or something.

Aoi is also rumored by the fans to have a striking resemblance to God.


On the surface, Kai is the caring drummer and leader of the group of Godly beings. But he is actually the Sacred Mother of the GazettE who accidentally ordered the Holocaust as the fishes know it so that his lovely brood can play the 4-D war game on Wii. His origins cannot be traced because has not yet uncovered a technological wozoo that could detect his species. But it is assumed that he first saw poop on October 28, which became his unofficial official birthday. Kai loves to cook unborn babies and toxic waste and turn them into yummy innocent cheesecake. If he's not busy, he makes darkscreen lotion for Aoi. Kai used his skills in kicking Scientologists on their groins to train for soccer so he can put up some fight with manly and cool Reita and his bird. Kai says that drumming is his best but when he was a teenager he should of learned to play the piano, because his mom is a piano teacher. He likes to pound things. Kai is a very caring person and treats the members as if they were his own children because they really are.

Kai's Past[edit]

Kai's discarded oversoul goes by the name of Uke Yutaka, a cat-loving wizard that survived the Salem Witch Trials. But he was betrayed by his comrades and turn him into a sardines company so he swore to avenge abused cat owners and send demise to all catkind. However he lost his focus when Uruha gave him a stray dog he just fucked. Wanting to save Uru from the shame, he went to China and turned the dog red. His special power can be activated by shaving his head bald like a Buddhist Monk and talk Asdfish.

Things Kai does not want[edit]

"Oh my god!! The scientologists!!!"

The things that Kai does not want include;

Former members[edit]


Yune was a scientologist who was sent by Hitler to kill the GazettE. His plot was foiled when Kai discovered his evil intentions, and thus being so motherly as is he, defended his brood by killing Yune. Without a drummer in the band, he had also replaced Yune shortly after they were done hiding his corpse in Stephen Colbert's lawn.

Against Scientologists[edit]

As long as the band has been formed it has had one purpose- to defeat the evil scientologists. Well, actually, it's had lots of purposes. One was to attract a whole bunch of attention from teenage girls, and another was to promote homosexuality and the Bananaphone in Japan. If you really look into it, it was pretty much designed to do everything ever, which I'd have to say it's done spectacularly well. Wouldn't you?

Anyway, right now, the band is focused on defeating the evil scientologists. It all started when a rogue band of drunk scientologists kidnapped Aoi and teased him for having such pretty hair. This, understandably, sent Kai and the other members into a rage of fury and vengeance. They vowed to destroy all those who followed the twisted doctrine of Aoi's tormentors. To this day, the ongoing battle between the two sides rages wild, disguised efficiently as every other existing conflict on the planet. All this Alliance/Horde stuff, as well as the War on Terra, is really a clever disguise for the real ongoing battle to avenge Aoi's honor. Aoi himself is the only member who doesn't take much interest in this conflict, although to this day he will fall into a state of panic if he is around, near, or even thinking about anything that has to do with Scientologists- Or Silent Hill, for that matter, but that's only because that place is damn creepy. Note: If you ever do meet them in person, and just happen to mention a certain word starting with science, compliment their hair, and tell them about how you approve of gay relationships. They will eat it up and forgive you.

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