The Great British Dollar

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The Great British Dollar is the new official currency of England.

In 2003, Tony "Tosser" Blair abolished the Great British Pound (£). This was due to George Bush being in a stroppy mood since Homer Simpson destroyed his father's ambitions to live in Springfield, and he threatened to invade Britain unless Tony made his currency the same.


In August 2004, the first GB$1 notes were printed, with the message "In Tone we do not trust". This was later amended after it was realised that some conservative fascist had put a deliberate typo in the maxim. Finally, in November 2004, the GBD became the U.K.'s official currency. Tony boasted that Canada, Australia and New Zealand were also, thanks to Britain's example, about to change to their currencies to the dollar, although some spoil-sport later pointed out that they had switched to the dollar many years ago.

The first transaction involved Tony Blair's long postponed sale of the The Royal Navy to George Bush to replace the wrecked American fleet, which was destroyed after he felt like playing with nuclear bombs in the bath.

Since then, chavs everywhere have used the GB Dollar to buy burgers, chips and pints, with Butlins also reporting record use of the lowest-class accommodation available at Bognor Regis. All government employees (except those working on the Great Wall of Britan, which is judged too important to be left open to foreign bribery) receive their yearly paychecks in the new currency.

Upper-class types like Boris Johnson continue to use the pound, even though using it became an offence punishable by beheading after the Parliament Act was invoked to pass the Anti-Pound bill in January 2005.