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The Hague and The Hulk get ready to rumble

'The Hague' was the adopted name of the late Conservatory Party leader William Hague when he joined the World Wrestling Federation in 2001 after his political career ended amid a storm of controversy and cluster bombs.

Hague became full-time wrestling partner of Ben 'The Hulk' Hogan after a unsuccessful 6 month stint as John 'Pimpin' Prescott's tag-team partner. Alongside Hulk Hogan, The Hague claimed six consecutive Royal Rumble titles and also starred a short-lived spin off of 'Thunder in Paradise'.

After bursting on the political scene aged 13 by engaging Prime Minister MC Maggie "Coming atcha" Thatcher in a Rap Battle at the 1979 Tory Hiphop conference, Hague quickly rose up the political ranks by combining his fearsome brand of Northern humour with some wicked beats n choons. After the gunning down of Big John "Y-Frontin" Major in a notorious Cleckheaton suburb, Hague was elected head MC of the Tory Crew.

Disaster was to strike only six months later after Hague found his party slipping in the polls and rashly challenged rival Tony 'Mr Perfect' Blair to a one-on-one wrestling match. Hague suffered an embarrassing defeat and withdrew from politics and MC Battling to prove himself as a professional wrestler.

After he and The Hulk went through an acrimonious split in 2004, The Hague was found dead on the toilet in his Vegas apartment of a suspected Cider overdose.

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