The Holy Ghost

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This article is about The Holy Ghost. You may actually be looking for The Holy Goh.

The Holy Ghost, part two of the Holy Trinity known as God,

The Holy Ghost getting Groovy

is a swinging chick who likes to groove beatifically in the ethereal realm of Heaven. When you arrive in Heaven, you are likely to be greeted in the front hall, which doubles as a disco dance parlour. The Holy Ghost (who likes to be referred to as "The Ghostest with the Mostest" and may or may not be wearing roller skates), will slide on over, offer you a drink, and show you a good time.

The Holy Gho-AHHHHHHHH! (He scared me)

Theological Ramifications[edit]

There are certain theological ramifications and concerns surrounding the fact that The Holy Ghost has a different gender than the other 2/3 of God, but these are generally shrugged off in a "Glen or Glenda", new-millennium style of free-form philosophy/morality.

The conception of the Holy Ghost in some religious sects revolve around the Holy Ghost being the essence Mother of Bob, the Virgin itself. This contrast, of course, lends itself nicely to the virgin olive oil-otomy present in late 20th century thought, and brings a certain amount of delightful suspense to those expecting to go to Heaven.

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