The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games is a trilogy of novels written by Susan Collins. The books take place in a distant future, in which a nuclear war destroyed the world we know. In this new fragile era, what was once known as America (land of the cheeseburger and home of the obese) is now called Panem. There are twelve districts in Panem, each of which offers up a male and female teenage tribute to enter the 'Hunger Games' and compete for their lives. Susan originally wanted to have a district representing each old state, meaning around one hundred lambs for the slaughter, but her editor, and inspiration for the character of Effie Trinket, Steven Hawkins, suggested that killing twenty four people would be more humane.

  After the release of the first book in the series, the Hunger Games created a huge buzz. Quite Literally. Many a reader complained about feeling electrical jolts in their fingers as they turned to page 10293 (end of the first chapter). Susan explained that she had embedded the pages of the Hunger Games with permanent static electricity, so the  reader would be shocked regardless of the content of her story.
  When it was announced that a film adaption of the book would be made, Hollywood was abuzz with excitement over casting. Helen Mirren was the first actress to express interest in a part in the film.