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The Los Angeles is one of the most notorious motor gangs that the world ever faced. It was founded by Evel Knievel and his pinball machine in 1790. Well known for their violent behavior combined with a wide range of international teaparties, The Los Angeles spread terror in the parts of the USA where they were most active: New York.


Evil Knievel got his idea for the Los Angeles when he was in one of his unlimited extravagent catholic moods. Having just recovered from angels, he felt he should do something with it. Since he has such a one sided life and job, he decided to combine it with his christian passion. The Los Angels were born. However, because of personal reasons, Knievel decided to hide his addiction for angels, by geniusly adding an "e" after the "angel". This obviously left everyone in confusion. It - as everyone knows - saw the light of life the exact same day the first bicycle had been invented. Scepticals are still unsure about this, but what do they know...

The Gang[edit]

Evel Knievel[edit]

Evel Knievel, attempting to park his Rolls Royce

The leader of the gang nobody is interested in or likes. Famous for his two-wheel Rolls Royce, which he never parks the same way twice. An alledged badass or even a daredevil. Just to get this over with: He was born with a tail and 2 heads.

Evel Knievel's pinball machine[edit]

The assistant of assistance, assisting in assasination. Evel's loyal servant (apart from the multiple betrayings to other family's such as the corleones. The pinball machine or better known by his pseudonym "TPB", is well known for not showing its face quite that often. Archive footage of him can be seen on the video of the match of Manchester United against Arsenal, sitting on the 3rd row, seat 26.

Dairy Mary[edit]

Notorious for her cheesy, milky attitude and view on life. Non-dairy products weren't named after her, neither were dairy products. Dairy Mary is currently kicking off an addiction of cows, somewhere in California. She is out of the spotlight and has vanished into oblivion.

Jack Nicholson's identical twin[edit]

Not alot of people know Jack Nicholson has an identical twin, though nobody ever cared to reveal his name. Therefore he is always referred to as "Jack Nicholson", this to avoid confusion. Jack Nicholson likes to fly over cuckoo's nests, take easy rides, shine and he has many more delirious hobbies.


Evel Knievel dying in 2005 has kind of set the gang back a little. The pinball machine just didn't believe in the whole act anymore, Dairy Mary started a family and became a hooker to support her children and Jack Nicholson reunited with Jack Nicholson, and they played Departed people in some film of which I can't remember the name...