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The Minkian are beings who are created of the basically the pure-hearted. As we know there is no one in this world that is completely innocent and pure, we all make mistakes. But if ones wrong doings were few in numbers or done for a reason of protection of another their wrong doings could be forgiven.

The Minkians are far from violent, In fact the Minkian race is completely incapable of intently causing direct harm to another being. Though if through a defencive spell a minkian's enemy might possibly be thrown back or if he is a demonic entity he may be harmed by a bright light. Its blood is very powerful and valuable to those entities who live by in-taking another blood, like vampires. Even just a sip of the Minkian blood would strengthen their power or strength exponentially.

Identifying Minkians[edit]

The body thought to be Minkan were generally described as having a healthier appearance than even that of a human, plump and showing little or no signs of physical trauma. Though they have light skin and always having hair light as well appearing a very light shade of blond to as white as the snow, yet a Minkian's eyes are always as a miraculous Shade of Violet. The majority of Minkian's are also Found to have white wings though they are only visible with their full Minkian form.

The creation of a Minkian Being[edit]

There are two ways for one to become a Minkian besides that of birth. The first causes of Minkan creation is for taking the body of an individual that had been wrongly killed or killed in order to protect another living life. If the body is still in mendable condition Pure life and holy energy is placed into the body by it's Minkian creator.

The second cause for Minkian creation, one is found and searched out by others Minkian's Cultural practices often arose that were intended to prevent pure soul to be completely consumed by hatred or to create a 'worrier' though they are not a violent race. In fact the Minkian race is incapable of causing intentional harm to another being.


  • use of white magic, and abilities to heal
  • uses Alchemy to create healing potions


  • Light of Battle: The power of light infuses one of the Truthsayer's allies, encasing them in a protective barrier of pure light. This spell may be cast upon a friendly model.
  • Gift of Life: Life is at the essence of the Truthsayer's magic. Harnessing all of his power the Truthsayer restores a fallen comrade miraculously back to life! This spell may be cast upon a model slain. The model is immediately restored back to life with week health.
  • Blessing of Valor: The Truthsayer evokes a powerful blessing, which instills an ally with the courage and strength of the immortal hunter gods. This spell may be cast upon a single model. The model is infused with strength and courage.
  • Boon of Courage: A reassuring energy surrounds the Truthsayer. An ally with its power instill resolve and unshakable determination.
  • Celestial Shield: A spell which creates a barrier from ranged attacks.
  • Pha's Illumination: A spell which makes the target a strong fighter whilst rendering enemy magic weapons useless against him.
  • Healing Energy: A spell which heals the target's wounds.
  • Dazzling Brightness: A spell that makes the target dazzlingly bright so the enemies are greatly hindered when fighting him.
  • Guardian Light: A spell which makes the target temporarily fearless.
  • Pain consumption:An ability that would cause one to take the pain from another body, but the pain has to go some were, so as a result the pain would enter the minkian's Body causing himself pain.


Very few and only some of the stronger Minkians have been able to master the art of possession if one attempts and is not prepared mentally or physically he can become greatly injured and end up bed ridden for days.

Minkian possession that is, a human who has become inhabited or "taken over" by a Minkan and who cannot, consequently, exercise his own will - This is not a long term ace, done to harm another or get something for oneself as a in a Demon possession. But either for the Possessed persons health or safety, Usually a possession done by a Minkian is temporary and he will no longer hold control over the human once the intended task or problem is taken care of.