The Mod Wolves

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You may be looking for The Mighty Boosh and not even know it!
A Mod Wolf, photographed out of his natural habitat, buying more mirrors for his scooter

Mod Wolves are a breed of wolf that are known for their dapper clothing, cool transportation and their funky beats.


Mod wolves tend to be found only in one location, The Jungle Room of the Zooniverse. This harsh habitat, which also contains such strange creatures as the Tommy,recognisable by it's cheesy face (which tastes sort of meaty).


The Mod Wolves are very vain and take great pride in their appearance. Most members of this sub-species wear smart Ben Sherman suits, usually with drainpipe trousers. They are accessorised with winklepicker shoes and green parka jackets with fur lined hoods.


Like their human mod equivalents, the Mod Wolves favour the scooter as their mode of transport. This allows them to safely travel through the jungle room whilst looking stylish, but also allows them to park up easily to attack any rockers or to have a dance off.


A Pseudo-Mod Wolf

The Mod Wolves have many friends and acquaintances.

  • Vince Noir, self-proclaimed "King of the Mods". The Mod wolves regularly worship this large haired human creature, praying for a the day Paul Weller will initiate a reunion of The Jam
  • Paul Weller, the Mod-Father. He is Lord of all mods, human, wolf or crustacean and was the first mod ever to grace Brighton, or the world.
  • Phillip, on of the two famous Cats in a Barrel, who instantly calm anyone who looks upon them. The Mod wolves and Phillip share a love of curling.
  • Ol' Greg, who once served Baileys from a shoe at the 35th Annual Mod Wolves Scooter Convention.


The Modwolves have very few enemies, as they are generally charming creatures. Though sometimes, they do get a little miffed towards certain people.

  • Rockers, whether it's heavy, classic or soft, Mod Wolves do not like the music or fans of such music. Fisty-cuffs often follows a metting of these two tribes.
  • Pseudo-Mod Wolves. These are creatures that attempt to mimic the mod wolf in an attempt to infiltrate their pack and steal their style secrets, scooters or just for shits and giggles.

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