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{{Bat Fuck Insane}}


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This page has, for no apparent reason, had its [[wiki]] formatting removed. Nobody is entirely sure why this is. You probably did something to get [[God]], [[Microsoft]], [[Steve Jobs]], [[Chuck Norris]], and/or [[Sophia]] angry at you. [[Nobody Cares|Well, good luck, man.]]

==''The Page Without Wiki Formatting'' in: '''The Great Wikia Takeover'''==

Today all of the [[wiki]] formatting on all [[Wikia]] sites (including [[Uncyclopedia]]) went down for exactly five minutes. This caused pure [[chaos]] throughout the site, as [[N00b|users]] got confused as to exactly what they were seeing. Also, all of the [[admin]]s were [[Ban|forced out of their accounts]] because the administrator servers also [[Hack|unexpectedly failed]].
'''HAH! This is an HTML format image! GOTCHA!'''

===Why This Happened===
It is suspected that the same [[terrorist]]s that caused [[9/21]] caused this incident. This just shows that Uncyclopedia needs to [[Grue|upgrade]] [[Cats with guns|its]] [[Chuck Norris|security]]. Fortunately, the [[McAfee|antivirus program]] that came installed with the Wikia server quickly found and [[nuke]]d the culprit virus. Which is unusual.

*12:50 pm - Terrorists launch virus into Wikia servers
*12:51 pm - The virus rapidly multiplies, taking heavy CPU from the servers
*12:52 pm - Wikia workers go on lunch break. The virus reaches critical mass and takes down the formatting server. All other servers are unaffected.
*12:54 pm - The firewall on the core server prevents the viruses from completely taking down the site.
*12:56 pm - Workers return from lunch break to a room full of burning, smoking computers. Immediate [[teleportation]] of backup servers is requested.
*12:57 pm - The backup servers are teleported in. All the sites return to their normal state.

==See Also==
[ Wikia:Uncyclopedia Failure] - The original thread discussing the server failure that occurred a few days before the news bulletin, for the same amount of time. This original failure was for upgrades, though.

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