The Propaganda Album

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The Last Piece of crap to pulled out of Bush's Ass, which he quite enjoyed in doing so.

1989's The Propaganda Album is the third album by "Tr00" thrash metal outfit I Think Satan Likes Your Mom.


Propaganda was purely written by Bush himself, and everyone else did absolutely nothing, but play scrabble. Bush believed this is the best album and landmark in "Tr00" thrash metal fashion and his own belief's the way America should live, still with his dreams of becoming president still in his view, He could make everything his way... (and look where we are now). The album was such a commercial flop that the only single from the album "Poop In Your Hat Bitch" was distributed to all major radio stations for use as coasters. It's not like they'd want to open the CD case anyway in case they die of laughter

Pointl3ss Info[edit]

ITSLYM was bombed by Saddam, for being "too polite" about him on the song "Saddam is a Mean Man". Unfortunately Bush survived the bombings, played this crappy pile of crappy stuff. The song "American Cheesus" caused massive controversy over its lyrical content and his anti-cheesus belief's, and supporting his homosexuality, but showing hatred to lesbianism, also later being sued by Brett Gurewitz for stealing his song, even though it was written 4 years earlier. "Howard and I" is about his relationship with John Howard, only for Poor Johnny to find Bush cheating on him with later band member Fred Durst.

This is a F41L album, and only F41L People buy it

Track Listing[edit]

  1. Howard and I
  2. Saddam is a Mean Man
  3. Poop In Your Hat Bitch
  4. Bestiality is Bad for Your wallet (And good for Mine)
  5. American Cheesus
  6. The Stalin & Hitler Brothers
  7. 1010101000011
  8. I Like It Snoop Doggy Style
  9. The Girl with Manly Bits
  10. Nazi-Communism
  11. The Propaganda Song
  12. Ozzy, Aussie? (Incredibly Horrid Politician Only Bonus Track, and only Kevin Rudd still listens to it)


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