The Stench of Defeat

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Ahh, such a terrible aftertaste.

Ahh yes, that terrible stench. When the love of your life is being satisfied by your roommate. When that strange Arab took down those tall gray things. When Mike Tyson knocks you out after one uppercut too many. You begin to perspire. This, friends, is the stench of defeat.

You lose a battle[edit]

A warm day. You are having a delicious lunch, accompanied by your fair beauty, Mary. The buns of your hamburger are stained and soaked, though you pay it no mind. An unusual man, looking as if he is displeased with you, begins to approach you. You're not sure what he wants, but you look away. Perhaps he won't bother you?

You feel a sudden jerk on your shoulders. The hideous brute is now confronting you. "Hey dumbass!" The beast yells at you. "I'm gonna tear you a new one".

The next thing you know, you're being beaten. The world goes black. You come to sometime later, and everyone is staring at you. Oh, NO.

You begin to perspire[edit]

Blood is coming from your nose. People are staring in all directions. An unpleasant smell is in the air. Through the mountains of skin in your shirt, you bring your nose to your armpit. The people are chuckling, and then laughing. You stink like a pig, and Mary is with the man who slayed you. Tears form around your eyes. You have been defeated, and are being ridiculed everywhere you turn.

Tears mixing with the remnants of your lunch, you run home, hearing the laughs of those you thought were your friends.

You are forever shunned[edit]

You turn on the televison to Star Trek, hoping to find comfort in Spock's voice. The stardates and crew members fill your mind. You cry and sob over yourself, cursing over the loss of your love. After several hours, the room is filled with the hideous odor. You catch it with your nose. It is then you know the true smell of The Stench of Defeat.