The Stinger

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Commonly refered to, when giving a decription as "Two in the Pink, one in the Stink." The Stinger is a sexual action performed on the female where a person holds there hand out with the ring finger bent and places two fingers into the woman's vagina and one into her anus, However the hand gesture is usually given to people alike-not the actual action. Also referred to as The 'Shocker'


The Stinger's origin is unknown however, the term was first introduced to Australia by a trip to the lovely Canadian town of Fort Frances, Ontario. Although apon arrival in Australia it was found that a small minority knew of the term as the the 'Shocker,' this term was unsuccesful thoughh and faded out.


The Stinger first became largely popular on a school camp located in Jindbyne. The camp was 6 days longs and included four schools however, the two largest schools had an instant connection and in one particular group of newly made friends the 'Stinger' was introduced to them all by a rather daring young school girl. The 'Stinger' then took off and many young boys and girls were gesturing to all. This joke even 'infultrated' a camp leader. This particular camp leader was leader of the G group or G-Unit group. This camp leader however, did not know what its actual means were and was ignorant to the whole situation, as many people are which is how we like to keep it!