The Trojan War

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Teh Trojan War is a dithyrambic, non-secular account of a great Whore between two sides. In the blue corner was the Johnsons, in the mauve was the Trojans. For years the Trojans sub-dew-gated the Johnson's, a process of elmination, putting them down,smothering them till the Johnson's could no longer stand tall,erect even. For years the Johnson's laboured under the weight of the Trojan, though featherlight it was excruciatingly pleasant, having their fun and games stopped. The final straw was when young Billy Johnson, the youngest and smallest of the clan, discovered 'Alladin's cave of treasures',Euphemism or more commonly known as youth in prison. The Trojans found out, they suffocated young Billy in a tight embrace, the Trojans being renowned for the strength,durability and fondness for dark,damp,==vaginal== places...

Other Interpretations of why the Trojan war happened[edit]

Teh Johnson's called the Trojan's mum a slag and said that if beauty was cancer she'd be alive(needless to say she was dead at the time).

Even more shit[edit]

Basically it all happened like this: Johnson: Oi...why you been messing with my woman? Trojan: Well there's no need to be a dick about it, Johnson! Johnson: Maaaaaaaan i thought you had me covered!! (It was at this point their dialect became that of a New York Gang-banger) Trojan:I'm always there if you need me (degenerates into irrelevant insults) Johnson: Yeah...well...i fuked your sister! Trojan: *Silence* Johnson: That's not all...I made your grandma's ashes into a cake!! Trojan:..........*!!!!!Silence!!!!!* Johnson: Sometimes i like to touch myself listening to Chris de Burgh Trojan: You can be a right COCK sometimes Johnson