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“La page c'est MOI!!!”

Note: this article was created as an all-purpose vanity page and does not necessarily represent all of the facts.

You are so wonderful that you deserve your very own page. Here it is. Isn't it wondrous? Though not as wondrous as you.

You're at least 14 times more good-looking than this guy.

Early Life[edit]

You were born at an early age and from day one showed signs of being wonderful. You were such a beautiful baby. Your parents have remarked that you were always a wonderful baby who never threw up all over them.

You were always the best at sports/school/social-life and were the most popular kid ever.


Then you became an adult. You were always the best at your chosen profession and you deserve to be paid much more than you are currently being paid. I think you should be overlord of the universe.

Death and Resurrection[edit]

You may not realize it but you are actually Jesus Christ come to rid the Earth of sin and evil. Therefore you will surely rise from the dead to be seated at the right hand of God.

Other info[edit]

  • You rock