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The World Ends With You is an action RPG that was developed for the Nintendo DS. It was called It's A Wonderful World in Japan, but because someone already took the name in all the English speaking parts of the world, it name was changed. It was created by the same guys who made Kingdom Hearts.

The Plot[edit]

The game takes place in an alternate version of the Shibuya district in Tokyo. Kinda like the Twilight Zone, only weirder. You play as a 15-year old, unsociable carrot-top named Neku. He wakes up and finds a pin in his hand. He then realizes that he has to play a sick game created by a bunch of reapers who are bored out of their minds. Kinda like those Shadow games in the old Yu-Gi-Oh manga books, only these make less sense. Once he wakes up, he realizes that he has amnesia, one of the most over-used plot devices ever introduced into video games. He also has the ability to read minds, giving him the ability to invade other people's personal bubbles.

After fooling around with his new mind-reading abilities, he gets a text message on his cell phone, stating that he has 60 minutes to get to 104 and find his partner. Once he does, he gains the ability to hump Noise at the cost of having to put up with an annoying bitch, several Marine Corps drill instructors, MTV zombies, Loud Kiddington, and Ukrainian con artists who won't leave him alone. They soon meet up with other Players who are forced to do ridiculous missions alongside them, such as "Try to get as many people to buy these pins within a limited time" and "Fix the lights for a stage so a rock band can play your mom".

After 7 days of this crap, Neku and Shiki FINALLY fight the big boss and win, only for karma to bite Neku in the ass. Now, he's being forced to play another game. This time, he is partnered with some dude who thinks he's called Joshua. In actuality, Joshua didn't die, he's that kid from Sixth Sense who can see dead people play games. After invading his mind, Neku thinks that he was killed by Joshua, but it turns out that Joshua shot the dude behind Neku in the arm (gamemaster of second chapter) who then killed him anyway. Neku and Joshua fight the next big bad boss in line and (hopefully) win. Karma pwns him for the second time as Joshua saves Neku's life again from the "OMG-I'm-dead-Ima-blast-you-with-my-final-nuke-attack". Joshua dies, and so does the gamemaster.

In the final chapter, Neku is the only playa left, so he teams up with the reaper (Beat) who used to be a playa. Beat gets rejected by the reapers, who then decide to let the entire Reaper workforce OWN Neku and Beat. Stuff happens, and the day is saved yet again.

The Characters[edit]

The latest in a long line of ridiculous-looking characters from Square-Enix.

Neku Sakuraba: A 15-year old punk who lived in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, Japan. Due to his orange hair, is it believed that he is a distant relative of Carrot Top (emphasis on the word "distant"). Since he had no idea how to live his own life, he decided to study graffiti murals for a living. One day, while he was studying his favorite graffiti, some punk ran up to him and shot him for no apparent reason. Then, he woke up in some alternate Shibuya carrying a black pin with a skull on it. It turns out that the Shinigami (which are called Reapers in the English version for no adequete reason) were bored and decided to make him a part of The Reaper's Game, where he has to complete missions each day or be erased from existance.

Shiki Misaki: The first person Neku unwillingly made a pact with. She wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. Hopefully, she might be able to stop making all Square-Enix characters look so utterly ridiculous.

Beat: A wannabe rapper who came to Shibuya with his little sister to perform his first gig. Unfortunately, they were both hit by a car and they wound up in the Reapers' Game. Having watched a lot of Tony Hawk videos, he learned how to fight using a skateboard.

Rhyme: Beat's little sister. She and Beat are never seen separated from each other. Never. Well, except for the part where Rhyme saves Beat from getting eaten by a land-shark. Other than that, they're always together. Even when.....well, use your imagination.

Oh god, not that way! You are a sick bastard, ya know that?

Joshua: The kid who starred in Sixth Sense. Despite many people calling it a 'he', its gender is still unknown at this point, due to the fact that it wears a guy's clothes, yet sounds and looks feminine due to the long, girlish hair and use of eyeliner. Decided to play The Reaper's Game to screw around with dead people, but got in a little over its head when it messed with the Game Master for the second game and got blown to pieces.

Uken Abarukas: A version of Neku from one of those identical Bizarro worlds. He is shown to be Christian because he always prays to God at the start of every day. He also seems to have an affinity for Beyblade. But instead of using tops that can do lasting damage to the face, he uses pins that can use magic powers. It is for that reason that Uken has been banned from any more tournaments for the rest of his life.


  • Neku is NOT related in any way to Silver the Hedgehog, despite the fact that they are both psychic and have weird-ass hair.
  • There is a random scene in the Beat chapter showing the gamemaster from the Joshua chapter pull a Lord Voldemort.
  • Just because Neku hates people doesn't mean he's necessarily an emo.
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