The artist formerly known as Prince

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At the height of his/her/its over-rated career Prince was involved in a tragic Kitten huffing accident. Over the space of a week he/she/it slowly morphed into a strange male/female/hermaphrodite symbol, shockingly of his/her/its own accord.

But when Hollywood shunned the new incarnation of Prince, he/she/it was wracked with shame, and abandonned a life of fame and became a weather vane on a quiet Scottish church. However, with such stupid fans anonymity was impossible. With their rabid encouragement he/she/it returned to work as a Star Wars droid prostitute. The pay was poor, but the sex was incredible!

After 5 years of hard work, he/she/it had enough money to buy Kate Moss' old emaciated body. Today he/she/it tours schools and offices, warning others of the dangers of Kitten huffing.

Why Prince became 'The artist formerly known as Prince'[edit]

Many reasons have been mooted. Here are the most likely ones:

  • He/she/it was scared of success
  • He/she/it was sick of looking at him/her/it-self in the mirror
  • Dorothy splashed water on him/her/it
  • Toto shagged him/her/it
  • Austin Powers shagged him/her/it

The artist formerly known as "the artist formerly known as Prince"[edit]

In the early 2000's, the artist formerly known as Prince switched his name but did not choose a new one, inadvertently dubbing himself "The artist formerly known as 'the artist formerly known as Prince'".


  • Golden Rain
  • Grashitty Bridge
  • Slime of the Times

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