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The Brothers Solomon is a comedy film released on September 7, 2007, starring Will Arnett and Will Forte.

Plot Outline[edit]

A pair of kitten-huffing, but socially inept brothers try to find their perfect mates in order to provide their comotose father with a grandchild.

Critical Reviews[edit]

A masterpiece of the modern cinematic arts; The Brothers Solomon will be held in the highest regards as one the finest films released in 2007, in not in the last decade.

All aspects of this film are of the highest quality; the screenplay by Will Forte is fantastic, the development of characters is second to none. Notable are the direction skills shown by Bob Odenkirk as is the cinematography and costume direction.

Lee Majors portrayal of the comatose father is worthy of an Oscar, and this autlor believes that a new category of “best actor in a comatose role” should be given in this case.

Additionally the film has been smashing box office records wherever it opened. For example; at the 5:30 PM matinee showing at Lakeline Mall, September 8th in Austin, Texas, only four of the six paying patrons walked out after 20 minutes and demanded their money back from the manager.

If the academy shuts out the creative forces behind this stunning success it will only display the bias and favoritism given to large budget filmmakers who produce “quality” movies.