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The Complete Tales are an alternative folk-rock band made up of over 200 members, much like 70's synth-pop metal gods, The Polyphonic Ringtone Spree.

Of the 200, who live inside a huge disused aircraft hanger in London, they have released four albums, each garnering over 12 sales each.

The Tales of the Apocalypse[edit]

The "leader" of the tales. Who calls himself Joshua, reading twelve of his best random demands, interspersed with satanic chanting, as previously bluejacked on Radio 4.

Warewolf Games[edit]

Roberto Sphcintero plays all of this instruments on this album, in which he confessed was "Rubbish" around the 23rd minute and remained in the studio to grumble about the rest of the quality of the piece.

King Dumpalot pisses on about how good PC's are[edit]

Self explanatory.

Sales of the album plummeted in 1994 after only four months on general release amidst rumours that Mr. Dumpalot had purchased an Apple. Dumpalot was later quoted as saying "and very tasty it was too".

The Immigrant Album[edit]

Composed totally by the non english bloc of the tales (Twelve Russians and a former hermit who lived on top of Ayers Rock) it is eleventy minutes of atonal groaning. It has sold more copies than Bjork's Medulla.

The Complete Tales has an official webshite at [1]