The Gospel according to Billy the 4.2th

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The Gospel according to Saint Billy the 4.2th is a history of the great verbal war. We will write only of what happened on the 3rd planet of the solar system, where the war started, and also to where his mom made him.


The technology of this war was new and shiny. From anti-nuke shields of the geckos, to the armor of the Spartans. They played an important part and are discussed in each countries page.

The Ruling Factions[edit]

The world was divided up between 8 ruling factions.

  1. Brandon the all knowing penguin ruled his robotic penguin armies of Antartica (Penguin States)
  2. Cam Sanchez ruled the Mexican Salt Truck Drivers of North America.
  3. Dan "The Gecko" McCarthy ruled the Aztec Lizardpeople of the New Brazilian Empire states in South America, Mid Africa, South East Asia, and Oceania.
  4. The Fish Mussolini ruled the Atlantan Islands, the Indian Ocean, and Australia.
  5. Japollak ruled Asia and Russia with a Spartan fist New Sparta.
  6. The Colonel Ruled New De's territories of Europe New Deauchland (not Ireland)
  7. Sean the ruler of African and Middle Eastern Mooninite States.
  8. Travis the ruler of Southern Africa's armies Diamond Mongers

Early History[edit]

The fighting began with the invasion of New Sparta by the Brazilian Empire, Atlantis, the Terrorist Territories, and New Deauchland. The sneak attack left New Sparta losing the Middle East, South East Asia, and Russia before their armies could defend. New Sparta returned with a nuclear strike on the German troops. with a quick strike, he had taken out Germany's troops and moved into Deauchland's territories. with help from their former enimies, the Brazillians and Atlantians, New Sparta quickle took over New Deauchland. Atlantans, swimming up the Suez canal, used their super lasers to sink Italy, their true homeland, and create a colony on the new seabed.

Unbeknownst to the other warlords, during the attack of Deauchland the Terrorists fled to the moon, taking on the name the Mooninites from then on. It was soon found out by New Sparta when they landed on the moon, finding great cannons poised for the battle of the Gork Islands.

The Battle of the Gork Isles[edit]

The Gork Isles, or French Polynesia, were taken over by the Mooninites while the Brazilians were at war with Deauchland. Also the Galapagos Islands were taken by the Brazilian's ally, Atlantis, for no reason.

Brazil struck fast, sending 25 million troops in a blitz to retake the islands. The Galapagos were given back with minimal casualties, but the Gork Islands is another story.

Gecko troops landed on the islands to find no Mooninites, or Gecko citizens, anywhere. Before the major city of New Dublin could be swept for enemies, a great flash engulfed the islands. The Mooninites had made a trap. waiting for the Gecko armies, they used their moon artillery to destroy the islands.

Many of the 25 million were killed in the blast, but more died in the tidal waves. Super waves, reaching 100 feet tall, raced across the entire Pacific Ocean. hitting the New Sparta capital of Tokyo, all of Oceania was hit, and Antarctica.

The wave instantly froze as it hit Antarctica, freezing 1/3 of all the penguins instantly, the country was never able to heal from the disaster.

Brazilian Expansion and Revenge[edit]

After the disaster in the Gork Isles, Brazil was angry. They first mourned the loss with the worlds largest floating air strip, floating over the waters that once were the Gork Isles.

With the Penguins badly damaged, the Brazilians struck. With the help of the Atlantans, and the Diamond Mongers, they quickly took the frozen wastes. Brazilians left the frozen bodies as sculptures as a national memorial. The Atlantans used their super lasers again to sink their part of Antarctica.

After the capture of Antarctica, the Diamond mongers attacked Brazilian troops in Africa. The Geckos asked the Atlantans for help. Atlantis, once again, unleashed the super laser and sunk all of South Africa. Brazilian troops stood at the new coastline, killing any South Africans who didn't drown.

Battle for Tokyo[edit]

The end came swift. Soon New Sparta was overstepping their boundaries, getting ready to attack the Mexicans, and needed to be taught a lesson. Brazil moved the Atlantan laser into position off Japan's coast. They tried a peaceful solution to the Spartans increasingly militaristic views, but to no avail.

The geckos gave the command, and the Atlantans sunk Japan. All out war began, with the Mooninites and New Sparta, against Brazil's allies.

The battles were bloody, millions dying on either side. Brazil had no choice, the brought EXP. 90 FISH. A great tractor beam used to pull the moon into earth. The Spartans launched OPERATION FUCK THIS, blowing the Earth's atmosphere away. The explosion destroyed all life on the planet.