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The last word was said in 1967 by Fred smith in Epping (it’s a small place in England for those of you who don’t know). Due to unfortunate circumstances(he lived in Epping) this event was overlooked by most of history, despite its significance!

What the last word was[edit]

According to Fred the last word was “fish”. Due to the dubious mental state he was in at the time of the event, this has not been certified. Other possible suggestions include:

  • F#ck
  • Help
  • ambiguous
  • Finally
  • superimposition

Why should you care?[edit]

Because it played a vital role in some part of history……..….how am I supposed to know which part! ……………well I don’t need to know anything about a subject to write an article on it!

A brief history of the last word[edit]

  • 1967 it was said.

A concise history of the last word[edit]

  • BC123 It was prophesised that the last word would be said in2006
  • BC14 They realised that the previous prophecy was stupid as everyone knew that the world would end in 2004 therefor they moved the prophecies date to 1967
  • AD17 Jesus tells his disciples to stop worrying about “the last word” as the last supper is coming first
  • AD18 to AD1966 no-one really cares about the last word.
  • AD 1967 Fred smith says the last word.
  • AD 1968 A public inquest is made into why Mr F smith said the last word without applying for the appropriate registration form.
  • AD 1969 The inquest is dropped on the grounds of it being a stupid exercise.
  • AD 2006 This article publicising the events is written.

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