The third quadrant

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The Third Quadrant (oooOOOooh!) is the term used for whenever a man enters the third universe (not to be confused with the third world) without bringing his spare tracksuit pants. It is known that it is very dangerous to go into the third universe. The "quadrant" refers to the third space in the number plane. Whenever you cross the axis lines (x or y) you are in EXTREME DANGER.

Incidents with the Third Quadrant[edit]

  • Michael Newton, founder of "New Age Chairs" magazine, was brutally shredded to pieces after crossing the 12th matrix of the axis of the Third Quadrant without bringing his spare tracksuit pants (he forgot).
  • "Pinky" Demon, of UAC Corp. had the lower half of his body missing becuase he forgot the pants.
  • George Brown, New york Times, was unable to reproduce FOREVER (nooooo!!!) becuase, well guess what. He forgot 'em.
  • An unknown CIA agent was experimenting with the axis foolishly in research when he was vaporised becuase he was wearing shorts.
  • Bob Bobbinson, a third world civilian, was raped by monkeys after spitting on his pants. They weren't tracksuit.