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The Hungarians Team Logo

This elite team of footballers are the finest thing to come out of Hungary since hunger its self. Currently playing the Mac Dartins Leaguein Tupton Hall School, Chesterfield, England. They are currently holding the posistion of last in the football league, and this is set to not change. The Hungarians are known for their talentless performences and all round Homo-Erotic view on life. Sometimes its pure pash alone that pulls them through their matches.

The Players[edit]

The Hungarians
    • Jonathan Noel Wilson - Gives head to 12 year old boys
    • Luke Gay Danger Jesus Booth - One goal wonder
    • Lee Steven Dale - Smooth as a snail, With a Monsterous Tail, Its Lee Dale
    • Matthew Benjamin Cooper - This lad has got stamina
    • Andrew Lewis Moore (Aka mary-sue) - The football princess
    • Joe Ralph Hayes (aka)faggot bitch - The Beast of the field
    • Oliver Allan Kealey - Auto-Sub
    • Michael Humphrey Swain - All Round Homo-Erotic Masterpiece


So far according to my memory, These are our results:

    • Won 3 (The Mules + AFC)
    • Drew 1 (The Mules)
    • Lost 1,000,000
    • Michael Swain 4 Goals
    • Lee Dale 2 Goals
    • Matt Cooper 2 Goals
    • Joe Hayes 1 Goal
    • Luke Booth 1 Goal

The Hungarians Official site. [1]