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“Tamia loves THIS page

This page is an entry on the content-free kiwi-based repository of information and disinformation known to 95% of the Internet community, and 32% of Kansas, as Uncyclopedia. The entry was created in a fictional moment between two real moments, comparable to the concept of pi, which exists between two numbers while not being a real number, or a real pie. The entry's creation sparked a worldwide debate across all mediums of communication on the concept of creative works being created for no other purpose but to describe the said creation of the creative work. The entry also served to accurately predict this global debate that it started. Furthermore, it accurately predicted that it would accurately predict this debate. Cavaliers sucks. This page is the page you are looking at right now. It is the page that is this one, and the page on your screen is, in fact, this page. This page should not be confused with that page, as that is a different page; it is that one, rather than this one. Which is this page.

Origins and humble beginnings of This page[edit]

A screenshot of This page taken very shortly after its violent thrust into existence.

The most likely reason for the creation of This page, and therefore, not the real reason, was the lack of any such entry prior to the creation of the entry, and the hypothesized existence of such an entry immediately following the entry's hypothetical creation. The debate over the true beginnings of the entry are still heavily debated, despite not actually being debatable.

Reactions and aftermath[edit]

The cataclysmic events that followed the creation of This page are often buried deep in the appendixes of top secret documents leaked to the various news networks. The debate that ensued concerning the entry, and the entry's accurate prediction of the debate that ensued, also lacks the deserved attention and media coverage. This failure by the credible media members of the world to be responsible journalists has allowed the conspiracy theorists to run amok.

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