Those Three Hindu Gods

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Those three Hindu Gods, names Elvis, Marley and Reginald, were the key players on a curling team of various entities who played a team of middle-age conservative mothers every Sunday in an arena three miles north of Vancouver. God was the 'goalie', if that sport has goalies, and Elvis was the generic 'important player' of the bunch, having no specific position or purpose, but coming in with highly dramatic cameos which will be compiled and edited for a new series on Fawks. Marley was the middle-aged of the three, who was probably the most attractive. However, Reginald grew very disturbed when Marley talked to the camera too much, causing the Reginald to break down and sisst-fight against him. Nothing really matters after this point, because God left Elvis to fend against the hordes of savage middle aged conservative mothers, who did smite him so much, they wrote a generation of songs about it, leaving out the details about how they also enjoy being beaten by their husbands and how they 'got pregnant once.'

Three years later, God moved south into Montana, happily voting for Bush and objecting to 'various scenes' from the GTA series like most normal Atheist biased views of Christians. He died in 2004 by radon poisoning. The two Hindu gods remaining were picked up at Dulles airport with fraudulent ID's. Both were sent to a minimum-security prison in Tiajuana where their lives will also be formatted for the right-wing masses this December on FOX. Bold text