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The Dam!! (Picture is upsides down becaus China is on the bottom of the world!!).

The Three Gorges Dam (complicated Chinese: 三峡长坝江大; old-people Chinese: 壩長峽江三大; Pigeon: Chingchang Chong) is a Chinese dam that spans the Yangtze River in Sandouping, Yichang, Hubei, Beijing, China. The dam was primarily built to make a wider range of water-sport activities available to the wealthy people in the area, including ice skiing, jet skating, drowning and ice fishing. As such it will not produce any electricity, since the Chinese already produce immense amounts of power using over thirty mutated lab rats (1). China, a country with no history at all of large man made constructions, embarked on a new path with this project. China's previously largest projects, the aforementioned alternative energy project, the Grand Canal and the two and half story McDonalds built in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic games are all relatively minor. The project is already a great success, and fully operational providing great recreational potential to the rich man and party member alike, true to the ideals of contemporary communism.(3)

Silly controversy[edit]

This area used to be flooded before the dam was built.

Unlike many dams, which cause much boring and tedious controversy over costs and benefits, the three gorges dam has exclusively provided benefits. These range from the flood control and having a bigger dam then anyone else, to the reclaiming of unproductive land from the hands of over 1,400,000 vagrants who will find gainful employment in the cities, the destruction of many unstable and dangerous decrepit buildings as well as the obvious beneficial effects for the environment. So called "cultural landmarks" will also be flooded, allowing local children to avoid many boring field trips. The flood control will also allow a timed release of flood water. Instead of flood waters being squandered in longer and less-exciting floods, they will be released all at the same time, resulting in doubtless very amusing and sizable typhoon waves.(4)

The peaks of tall mountains in the area will also make interesting islands, which will make neat water skiing jumps whilst also probably being occupied by the Japanese, allowing them to enjoy their traditional island-hopping past-time. the three gorges dam produces 22,000 ceu of water per cubic meter. People in other contries think that probably building the dam was a waste of time and money for most people. But not for china! (100,000,000,000 yuen worth the whole dam) because people there always like to take there families to "the three gorges family resort" for skiing, water polo, getting eaten alive by sharks and much more!


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