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“Timming...I must confess it is my favorite activity, but also one of my most heinous.”

~ Oscar Wilde on timming
Example of a "Tim's Dilemma"



v. tims, timming, timmed

1. The process of attempting to, usually very obviously to everyone but the person in charge, copy or cheat on a school related assignment.

2. The process of copying or cheating off someone's work without the person's consent and to the person's annoyance.

Tim is a bogan

^In Soviet russia Bogan is Tim


n. pl. tims

3. A person that leeches off others, typically in school related things, very often and beyond what one considers the acceptable amount. The tim in question sometimes has a slight idea they are called a "tim".

4. A person who leeches or lucks their way into a successful life. Usually not very experienced at their occupation.

5. A person that can also be an extreme success in society and financial aspects of life especially when there other names have a K in them.

6. The gayest "FK" on the face of the planet, Tim "Snackpak" LaMay. He also resides in lovely Oswego, NY. Is currently allied with the 3 gayest faggots on the planet... The nate westcott, The Tom Graber, and The Grobinson. They are currently on tour with Richard simmons, Neil diomond, Mr. Planters.


Timming in action.

1. "Goddamnit, Eric tims on every single Math test, but the effing teacher can never see the kid. What a bunch of shit."

2. "Stop timming, you dumbass. If you weren't smoking pot last night, maybe you wouldn't need my homework now."

3a. "Man, Kyle is the ultimate of tims, it was okay the first few times he needed my homework, but asking for my project to photocopy is just too much."

3b. A: hey for eng, what did you put for the opinion on how you see maya in ur head? B: hmm, idk, it's an OPINION tim

4. A: Yo, something came up, I have to see Dr. Menudin tomorrow, so I can't make the scrim. B: Ha, you better rethink that, that doctor is one of the biggest Tims I know.

5. How many Tims could a Tim Tim Tims if a Tim could Tim could Tim. You'll figure it out eventually.

If used as a noun, "tim" sometimes has the first letter capitalized (Tim), although this doesn't occur very often. In speech, the noun form is often just appended to the end of a sentence when in conversation with a tim (See 3b).

Origin (A Brief History of Tim)[edit]

The many uses of the word "tim" or "Tim" originate from a school in Western New York, and have spread virally throughout many others. Note: "tim" is a shortened form of "Timothy", the person the word is based off.

Some people from the town of Chapleau, however, believe Tim was named for the person everyone cheated off of throughout their lives. Some notable occurrences include: 943% of the residents cheating off of him for their driving exam, 56.393949339% of the workers cheating off him for their drug exam, and two and a half people cheating off him for an eye exam. They sued the State of New York for the rights to claim they made it up first. Judge Judy declared it was bologna and ruled in favor of the New York Yankees, who claimed they made it up first to describe their players' actions in the sport.

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