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“Is he related to Taylor Swift?

~ Tamia

Tim "The Toolman" Taylor[edit]

Tim Taylor is a clone of well known comedian Tim Allen, reportedly known as "the toolman" due to the number of tools that consistently screwed up his humourous catchphrases.

He suffered a hit to his popularity, when one of his television sons Jonathon Taylor Thomas stopped being a chilhood hearthrob at around the same time hand movements were declared legal tender in Tuvalu.

Taylor was previously married to child pornographer, and lumberjack Richard Karn. Their marriage ended primarily due to "gay aardvarks."

Several episodes of his show, shows that aren't Happy Days included a neighbour with no nose, who starred in his own show: The Elephant Man loves Jesus, but was qiuckly cancelled after the show offended everybody, including those in Tuvalu who complained about moving to a new system, and stayed with their post-imperial measurement system.

Has nothing to do with Bill Gates or Stormtroopers, or Euler's equation:

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