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Tinh(noun): a tomato Tinh Than(noun) : Biscuit ( tim tam, but tinh tanh is the vietnamiese rip off!



Tinh was never born he just exists in the form of a tomato thus he is always eaten time after time from being reincarnated into various fruits then in 669 BC. Tinh prayed to Buddha to transform him into something other than a fruit but God was enraged at Tinh for worshipping Buddha therefore turned him into a Tim Tam. Tinh has marched into a war, with a 5 year old and consquently his head was blown off. Many years later Hitler ressurected him and turned him into ULTRAMAN!

Tinh marching to war, wielding a guitar(photo taken 5 seconds before his head was blown off)

Tinh or 'scum', as people call him, enjoys Being stood and urinated on in public while praying for his life to buhhda he also likes getting fucked from behind by his gay friend anthony also known as fat retarded piece of shit but we don't call him that, obviously in vein

A tinh sympothizer, shortly before she was pulled into an alley and raped several times by tranvestite women with BDSM sex toys...

(we all know buhhda is a peice of crap). Tinh currently works for the adoption centre as an orphan and hopes he can work there for future years. The Tinh amphibian grunts and snorts when it wants a mate and continues to until it loneley death. Critics say Tinh should "Get a life, homo" and "[go] suck some penis". If you are a tinh sympothizer you should be shot and stood and jumped on several times followed by being raped by a transexual hooker who is HIV positive then thier testecles cut off and thrown to dogs which the person would have to watch the canines eat it. They would then be thrown into a oven until crisp and then thrown into public to be urinated on several times then Tinh and Anthony lick all the urine off and have fun playin water sports with each other.


“Looking at him even bursts my eyes”

~ God on Tinh's appearance
There is a rumor that when tinh was an infant he bumped his head a little too hard...

Over time Tinh has come in many forms such as:

  • Ultraman! form
  • Hitler form
  • Tim Tam form
    A diagram of how Tinh be's tinh...
  • Various fruits form
  • Megasuperubermightyultramonmonmon form
  • Tinhmegahitlerrobotoguymon form
  • Badass Mutha fuking form
  • Super Buddhist form
  • Pwnage form
  • Pwn4ge form
  • Pwn4g3 form
  • pure Pwn4g3 form
  • Pwr Pwn4g3 form
  • T1|\||-| form
  • The Tinhsta form
  • Annoying form
  • Form form
  • Form form form
  • fucked up form

Stone Cold Facts[edit]

Tinh's rape victim.

-Tinh was brought here by aliens during the cuban missile crisis and was apparently suuposed to bring world peace and end hunger, but failed misrably... -tinh has a small penis belieave it or not Tinhs penis is only 10cm long when he is havin an erection just like Steven Bonavia's penis don't ask me how i got this information ask anthoney Tinh and Steven's gay partner who has been having threesomes with each other since Tinh was brought here by aliens. -Tinh was conseaved 12 times during his fathers pregnancy 11 of those times tinh's heart actually stopped beating stopping blood from travelling to his head and causing his IQ in older age to decrease by 56 -A really small penis -Tinhs Catch phrase in vietnamese is "Boy-ya doy chi un-gut" and said exactually how that sentance is spelt. It translates to "Yes, Master" -Tiny dick

-Tinh was found 3 years ago inside a bar named "Adam and Adam"

A vietnamese person sleeping where they should be, the gutter...

-Pin dick -If you got tinhs intelligence to solid form 49% of it would be pure gasoline, 50% Bullshit and 1% faulty hardware -Microscopic penis -Tinhs glasses are made out of 30% pure awesome too bad tinh facelift is made with 70% pure Lame plastic -Tinh has a petite ding dong -Tinh is not allowed to watch M movies until he is a safe 20 years older then the reccimended age -Tinh, just like the small "fun sized" small mars bars, has a "fun sized" penis -When god created tinh he shreiked tripping over causeing the dinosaurs to die out. Why is Tinh still alive you say? The explosion saw tinh and thought it might catch whatever he has... -tiny, small, unseeable wing wang


Tinh has been a star of his own movie known as "Mr.T" which is obviously an abbreviation of Mr.Tinh little is known about this film apart from the fact it has earnt a Shittest CRAP of the Millenia awards

Tinh's movie blockbuster, it consisted of tinh, jessica alba in nothing but a brazziere and her underwear, the catch was she was holding a machete

Tinh during the acting was cought with anthony giving tongue twisters to each other (yes tongue twisters) and a video of tinh was found of anthony giving tinh a fist up his rectum.


Tinh has only one relative(all the others were consquently executed for being born) the only one he has contact with is his mum


Tinhs birth is a philosophical and scientifical problem that has yet to be solved. Its not only an unsolved problem in physics but just thinking about the problem cAn Coose Spilling Misstaakes and fizical prooblims.Einstein, Galileo proposed thier own therys.

Einsteins theory[edit]

Einstien proposed that tinh was born as a result of Time Dilation. He proposed that a spaceship was sent rocketing at the speed of light towards a distant planet but due to time dilation everything in the ship was combined to create tinh, this theory has only just been proven false as scientists claim that a speceship of that kind can only be sent off at 6:00 and everyone knows that thats when the Simpsons is on, thusly it is physicaly imposible for a ship to be sent off during simpsons

Galileos theory[edit]

Galileo theorised that tinh was born as a result of Gravity pulling feces or poo down the earth and that the poo was centered in one area, thusly resulting in Tinh, of course this is techinically impossible because poo is made of Kryptonite and that is Tinhs ONLY weakness along with AIDS.

Tinh is BORN!

Jeusus's theory[edit]

Jeusus theorised that Tinh was created by god because "HE [GOB] created thy Tinh because he hast felt like it". It is belived that Tinh was created from the carcass of a dead pig but this claim was never proven (it was made by a random hobo). The Pope fully supports this theory and has banned condoms purely in the name of Tinh. (as well as to piss people off, such as Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, and Pez Dispenser's everywhere)