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Tits And Ass Productions
Logo Of Tits And Ass 2009 - Present
HQ Swansea
Owned By WWELC
CEO Llewelyn Jones
Profit (2008) Not Much

Tits And Ass Productions (Formally Shite Productions) was set up in 1975 to create only originally one trully shit film for the Welsh Cinema, but created more than the public bargained for.

Logo Of Shite 1984 - 2009

Hall of Fame[edit]

These are the most popular film's made by Tits And Ass:

Dafydd Bond:Goldenpussy - 1975[edit]

Popular Welsh action movie created to show what a drunk person would be like if they were heroic and shagged everything that moves, a common theme throughout in this series of films is that a private part is removed from Bond's body in every film. Bond was played by Huw Ceredig. Other members of the cast featured:

It made £404,999 at the world box office on a extremely high budget of £26,000 it made The Blair Witch Project cringe.

Miss Moneyfanny again trying to seduce Bond


Swansea Sex - 1979[edit]

Film about the hanky panky antics of the people of Swansea made during the sexual regression of the 70's made this film a bit of a misfire but has gained a strong cult following over the past 30 years. In 2007 it finally got it's VHS release. Members of the cast featured:

It made a total of £480,000 at the world box office on a moderate budget of £299.99

Llewelyn Get's Laid - 1984[edit]

Film about a nerd called Llewelyn who can't get a shag so he tries all the mingers but they don't want him, so he tries the babes and they all do him free of charge. The cast:

It made £208,582 at the world box office on a a new monetery unit of £120,000.

Dafydd Bond:Moonraper - 1995[edit]

Sequel to Goldenpussy, Bond again played by Huw Ceredig tries to stop an evil genious from achieving his dream of raping the Moon. The cast features:

Note: Wogan, Bean and Eminem went on to do a spinoff film entitled The way to get a couple of grand by making a spinoff of a successful film series which was non-canon. Moonraper made £420,000 at the world box office on a very low budget of £16,000!

Mutherfukin Snapes on a Plane - 2006[edit]

This film is about a Boeing 747 filled with 499 Professor Snapes on their way to America when the only other member of the customers decides 'to get those mutherfukin snapes off that mutherfukin plane' The cast included:

It made £384,000 on a budget of £148,000.

Dafydd Bond:Dr No. Don't Touch Me There - 2008[edit]

Bond (Huw Ceredig) is captured by Dr. No who attempts to rape him.

The film was released on Boxing Day 08 and made a world gross of £3,870,532 Licence To Say Never is going to be the sequel

Owain Glyndwr's Footy Manager - 2009[edit]

This is a historical modern football comedy film based in the modern times rebel Owain Glyndwr shapeshifts from the 11th century and travels to the 21st century in order to help Wales football team to win the 2010 football world cup

The film made a worldwide gross of £2,818,299.5 pavig a way for a sequel!

Hall of Infamy[edit]

This is a list of the worst film's made by Tits And Ass:

Huw Potter and the Wizards Stoned - 1987[edit]

This film was based around a magician called Huw Potter who attends St. Jonathan Woss School of Magic, and he has to stop Proffesor Cape from getting loaded on drugs. Unable to be classified as any genre. The cast:

It made £20,000 on a budget of £19,999 a drastic loss for Shite.

Shit - 2004[edit]

This film follows the lives of sewer workers who try to get a shag. The cast includes:

It made £24,000 after being released in one cinema in the village of Poopytown on a excremental budget of £40,000.

The Voyage To Iceland - 2009[edit]

Adventure film starring Kerry Katona (not to be confused with Large Chopsy Northerner) as she and her friend Jabba (Jade Goody) try to get to the Iceland store in Newcastle.

It made £1,666,666 after being released in 6 cinemas on a budget of £1,000 it's in the hall of infamy as it's so shit

Upcoming Films[edit]

This is a list of future films

TV Productions[edit]

This is some TV programs made by Tits And Ass:

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