To Kill A Mocking board

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Reader-ring journal? No, reader-ring log. WTF?

Jesse Bergeron log #1.

To Kill a Fucking Mocking board.

This is what a mockingbird looks like, not to be confused with a Mocking board

To keel a mocking board, guns are needed. But, because this is the 1830's all we’s got are them crap ruffles. So you might as well throw a rock at ‘em for all those ruffles going to do. Back in this day we didn’t call rocks, rocks, we called them temporary stone babies. Now, “temporary stone babies”, that’s a name with some history, see. Temporary because everyone knows all babies grow up, so it was just being a matter

Hi, My name a Borat

‘O time before they’s growing’ to be university student, so we’d have one lawyer for every three peoples, and there wouldn’t be enough sex goats to go around any more. On the topic of sex goats now. That Robinson Caruso guy really knew what he was doing. Can you spell good time? Cause I can, see it’s spelt S-E-X-G-O-A-T-and a small s. Never capitalise an “s”, see a capitol “s” is just what Satan wants you to have. This world would be so much happier if everyone just stuck to their goats and kept away from capitol “s”’s. And another thing, about that Jesus fellow? I think he’s totally Grear! I mean, he’s totally great. That typo was the keyboard’s fault. Cheeky thing! I will kill you with my deodorised armpits! I love my deodorant, it smells like water. Clean water! Public pool water! I once went to a public pool... Greatest experience of my life! Think full body orgasm great! Actually, that’s more like an understatement; think full body orgasm in a tub of choco-chunk great! I was all like, “This is fun,” and, “Whee!” There were some many kids in line for the pool’s slide though. They were all went and whiney. So I bit, hacked and peppered the little communists and then took out the trash- freedom style. On the speaking table of justice, Rambo, now there’s a man I could spoon if I ever went the homosexual. He’s so not-communist, is there anything sexier? Oh, yes, yes there is, OK, get this! Rambo and Yoda! What a combination, sheer pure genius! What am I doing, again? Oh, yeahhhhh... Harper Lee and her mockingbirds. Is Harper Lee the boy or girl? And what do her Mockingbirds mean to her? See, those are the kinda things English student need to learn. Not this lama crap about racisms and laws. School, bologna! If you really want to learn something read The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. You are one reffed up little grasshopper if you don’t. Oh... Such a good book. Also, Douglas Coupland, he’s a great author, he’s tied for the best author ever with Shakespeare, Douglas Adams and Jesse Bergeron. All guys named Douglas can write, science has proven it. Check under the Bohr-Rutherford diagram, it’s right there. You cheeky be-otch! You didn’t believe me. I make you eat your disbelief! Bwahaha! Know what’s a good drink? Tang. Astronauts drinks, so how can’t it be deep-space delicious? Oh, my, Oh, my, Oh, my! I’ve written more than a blog whore, well, I’m not cheap, you’re not getting anymore of this for free! You like? Fiddy dolla! Me love you long time.