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Tom Lehrer is a textbook writer for his many nice, optimistic manuals on how to do things ranging from removing sources of monument dirtiness (Poisoning Pigeons in the Park), to mathematical discoveries (Plagiarize), to city descriptions (Pollution), to nuclear weapons and warfare, to passing math class (New math), to memorising stupid tables (the Elements). He is also a mathematician.

Early life[edit]

He began life as a nerd. By the law of nerd attraction, he ended up in Harvard. That's where he realised how bad life could end up being if he didn't change species or at least upgrade to a higher level of nerd. THat's when he took a drastic step. He got a species change to a manual writer. But he wasn't taking any chances at all. At the same time he got an upgrade from nerd to mathematician. The only known difference between them is that Nerd is less profound sounding than Mathematician, and yes we have no idea what that means.

First manuals[edit]

One of his first manuals instructed Harvard how to fight fiercely. This was an exception. Most of his early manuals were to single people, not corporations or governments.

Later works[edit]

Later in life his manuals were mainly themed around war and politics. Some were written to the government, on how to start World War III or how to react to weapons proliferation. Others, teach babies how to sleep in peace and how to live life in the Wild West. Since he was still a nerd, one of his manuals teaches how to do math. One of his more unusual manuals teaches students how to waste time in chemistry class.

Tom Lehrer is widely known for disappearing off the face of the earth in the mid to late eighties. It seems as though Henry Kissinger winning the Nobel Peace Prize caused him to default to a rarely known state called "magnophilic shunt reboot." Sadly, he hasn't been seen nor heard from since. Which is really a damn shame, since it is widely known that the world is suffering a deficit of political satire.