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“I was out of kittens to huff, but then I found this. It's almost as good!”

“Get the fuck away from us!”

“Mmmm... Toromat1 Games...”

“Your graphics card supports them.”

~ Captain Obvious on the games by Toromat1 Games

“Simply genius. Toromat1 Games is the best thing to happen to humanity since the nuclear bomb!”

~ Tore Martin Solhaug

Toromat1 Games is your God now![This is a lie]

Second person writing is fun![Yeah, right][edit]

You wake up one morning, and start wondering: "Why have I never heard about Toromat1 Games before?"[citation needed] And upon reading this, you ask yourself: "Why would I wonder why I've never heard about something if I haven't heard it mentioned?" Well, there was some time between you waking up and you wondering. Before you started wondering, you had opened your internet browser and entered Uncyclopedia's magic world of true, undisputed facts. You had then entered this article. Now, you still don't have a clue what Toromat1 Games is? It's a game developer! "Of course," you think "that explains why it's called Toromat1 Games!" But now I'll stop wasting your precious time. Let's get to business.

The awesome world of awesome games[edit]

Toromat1 Games has brought us a lot of wondertastic games, including "Rolling Butter On A Field", "N90 LAG", "The (Al) Goreminator" and "Yey, We've Got Beer!". The most stunning feature of these games are their graphics. It's simply amazing what one can do with paint![citation needed] When playing "Die Sunuvabitch 3" I swear to you, I knew what was on the screen!

Yes, that thing is a human[edit]

As mentioned, the graphics rule this world.[citation needed] And one of the best things is the way people look in games like "The Fornicator 2" and "OMG LAG". Everybody know that to draw a human correctly, you first start off with an empty BMP with 32x32 pixel resolution. Then you proceed by filling the upper half of this square with a circle, and make something that looks like hair on the top. Then make a black dot on the side for an eye, and a three pixel line for a mouth. Then make a four pixel wide body and fill the rest of the vertical space with it. The foot shall be one pixel high.

Congratulations! You just drew a Toromat1 Games character. Now print it out and hang it on your wall! Doesn't it just look fabulous? :)

OMG! It's a game![citation needed][edit]

Of course, Toromat1 Games has made games and released them on their website for people to download. For your convenience, here is a complete list (even with those that have been removed!):

  • Yey, We've Got Beer!
  • The (Al) Goreminator
  • N90 LAG - Online or LAN lagging like you've never seen it before!
  • Rolling Butter On A Field - Round things using weapons... Awesome!
  • N90 Gayfire - The Baska twins come out of the closet!
  • Mutt Aunt
  • Browse Man - Internet browser, Pac Man style! Pac Man eats your pop-ups!
  • The Fornicator 2 (demo) - N90's sexyest agent in "action"
  • Die Sunuvabitch - The title says it all
  • Die Sunuvabitch: 2morrow never dies - New levels for Die Sunuvabiatch
  • Die Sunuvabitch: 3 falls in the forest - More new levels for Die Sunuvabiatch
  • Die, Sunuvabitch 4 God's Sake! - The protagonist is getting really pissed on those sons of bitches!
  • N90 Gayfire online (Planned)

The Toromat1 Games website[edit]

It's heaven![citation needed] That is, if heaven is made by freewebs. The Toromat1 Games website is YOUR number one provider of 1. class computer entertainment.[Citation most definitely needed]

Tore Martin Solhaug[edit]

The doode behind awesome games like: Die Sunuvabitch and The (Al) Goreminator. He's the only doode in Toromat1 Games except his little pet monkey, Jørund Takvam Bjørndal who is mentioned in some credits 'n stuff. He has über 1337 skillzorz in using the incredibly advanced Game Maker!!! ALL HAIL HIM![citation needed]

QA testing in Toromat1 Games[edit]

Main article: Sleeping

Does not exist. But thanks to that, Mutt Aunt has become the most awesome glitch... er... game ever! N90 FAG claims to have QA testing but no real evidence has been located.[citation needed]