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Total Drama Island is the world's first ever reality show that is a cartoon (so it's pretty much not a reality show). The show is a lot like what a reality show would look like if Michael Bay hosted it. The show is packed with explosions, chaos, and overall... over the top violence. The show also features a lot of romance that usually winds up getting torn apart by the end of the show, hence the name "Total Drama." The show also shows scenes where the campers consume animal feces during food shortages, hence some versions of the show's "scenes that some viewers may find disturbing" rating. Despite the show's love for chaos, it has become extremely popular and will continue to bring even more chaos to T.V.'s everywhere.

Why can't all the female characters get naked and sleep together? That'll be cool.

For a really teeny-weeny toon to watch instead, see 6teen.


Chris shows everyone a sneak preview of the show.

It began with the channel Cartoon Network; they had been losing ratings due to the fact that nobody watched Chowder or Flapjack anymore. They were in a dilemma about what to do, especially since Nickelodeon was still going strong in with Spongebob. Finally after three weeks of banging their heads in the wall, drinking their thoughts away and looking at shows to rip off, they had an idea. They came up with the insane and very strange idea of making... a reality show. However, they decided to make it special and rather than get some kids or other people to do the show, they would do it... with animated teenagers. They would also plan who won, what would happen and what everybody said. In fact by the time they were done planning, there really wasn't any reality to the show.

Unfortunately once Cartoon Network started on the show, they didn't really know what to do. They had spent so much thinking energy just coming up with the show, they couldn't come up with anything that would actually happen in the show. So in their desperate attempt to save the show, they turned to the one place that all desperate studios turn to: Canada. They handed Canada the idea and left it all in their hands like the lazy bastards they were. The show was handed over to a canadian channel called Teletoon, who took a look at the show idea. Teletoon believed having a planned reality show was the greatest idea since the dawn of Atari, but they didn't want to spend too much money because they needed it for cheap merchandising on their programs. So Teletoon decided to use Adobe Flash instead of a high advance animation program that they usually used. Teletoon designed all the characters and filled the show with explosions and intense action. When Cartoon Network saw the finished show, they rejected it as they felt it was too violent for their standards. Despite the rejection, Teletoon showed the series in Canada and it became an instant success. After seeing how successful it was, the people at Cartoon Network then came back and said they wanted the show on their station. Teletoon reluctantly agreed to the deal, as long as they got 90% of the profits.


The people who are clearly violating every law of child abuse to amuse their sick selves.

Chris Mclean[edit]

AKA: Misanthropic Show Host- Chris is what Michael Bay would look like if he hosted a cartoon reality show. He is a very rich celebrity who hosts, writes and prepares the show (because nobody else will). Chris started Total Drama Island after he ran out of employees to torture for his own amusement. So he used his money to lure some innocent teen victims onto a deserted island where he made the rules. Chris is known by all the campers (and the world) as the world's biggest asshole as he talks like a skater while hosting the show (which annoys the hell out of everybody he meets) and devotes all his time to coming up with dangerous (and probably illegal) challenges.

He tests these challenges by using interns as guinea pigs. The standards are, if the intern survives, then the challenge needs some more work. If the intern dies or goes to the hospital, then the challenge is perfect. And if the intern dies a horrible fate, then the challenge worked better than Chris had planned. Chris is a unique reality show host who is different than all the rest, he lies to the campers and changes the rules when they least suspect it like a true royal asshole. Chris loves marshmallows and is skilled at using the world's deadliest weapon, a detailed contract with fine print. Chris really despises tax collectors who charge outrageously high prices for the equipment he uses for the show. As a result, he plans to get rid of tax collectors and (eventually) the campers in the show's sequel via nuclear missiles.

In order to complete this plan, Chris plans to lure the unsuspecting teenagers to a WMD production facility disguised as a movie studio in "Total Drama Action" (Chris calls it "Total Nuclear Warfare" off-screen due to the evil plan behind the show). He plans to have the campers participate in challenges such as "obliterate that anti-nuke proton beam cannon" or "get some sludge from the toxic waste dump" to help him build WMDs to carry-out his psychopathic wishes of destroying the Earth (because he doesn't like anyone filing lawsuits against his harsh tortures).

Chef Hatchet[edit]

AKA: The Thug- A Navy S.E.A.L who Chris hired to add even more pain and suffering to the camper's lives. Chef hates everyone at camp (especially Chris) and feels like he gets no respect. Chris makes his life miserable by making him wear the stupidest outfits he can find. Chef really wants to kill Chris and make himself happy, but he can't due to the fact that Chris tricked him into signing the dreaded contract so instead, he takes his rage out on himself.


The campers had a fatal accident in the first episode, so to save the show they had to be reincarnated into new bodies.

The young victims of Chris's madness who are all victims of his dreaded contracts. They were all lured to the island when Chris promised them an eight week vacation to a fancy island and a chance to win one hundred thousand dollars. Instead he lied and got them to come to a crappy island that he owned. Now they are trapped on this horrible island and all they can do is hold strong and win the money until the eight weeks are over. The campers are forced to go through various challenges/tortures that Chris has prepared to amuse himself. Each camper has a different personality and a nickname to go with it.

Chris says that the campers will vote each other off, but this is really just another torture that forces them to choose which friends are more important to them. In reality Chris kicks them off himself once he has has grown tired of tormenting them. After a camper is eliminated, Chris tortures him or her one last time by giving he or she the biggest humiliation of his or her life before they are put on the Boat of Losers. The camper is then sent to that fancy island that Chris had promised him or her at the beginning of the show, thus the place acts like a giant middle finger to those who are trying so hard to stay on the crappy island.


AKA: The SurferNarcoticHippie- Bridgette is the surfer chick and part time Hippie on the island. She is a vegetarian and a master of Yoga, she also loves to surf with dolphins (until they go nuts and bite her in the balls, thats right, she has BALLS!!). Bridgette has a strange love history with Geoff, and it's not a pretty one. Bridgette and Geoff both want to tell each other how they feel, but every time they try, Geoff usually winds up causing some type of physical damage to her. She now holds the world recored for the most bloody noses in a month. Eventually she gets into a relationship with Geoff (though he doesn't really know it due to his brain being full of jelly beans and melted, rotting cheese). She gets sprayed by a skunk just before she and Geoff kiss for the first time. The other campers can't stand the smell of Bridgette after she is sprayed, but Geoff surprises everybody by running to the other side of the island as far as he can get from Bridgette.


AKA: The Liberal- The incredibly annoying girl who loves to bitch about everything. If someone breaks the rules, she bitches about that. If someone has dorky clothes on, she bitches about that. When she has absolutely nothing to bitch about, she bitches about that. She is overall an annoying girl who is hard to get along with, she somehow winds up in relationship with Duncan, who breaks all the rules. Why? Because she is not only a whining bitch, she is also a HYPOCRITE.


AKA: The Wannabe- The lame Jock who sucks at everything, he actually got interested in joining the show after he heard about the intense challenges (not knowing what they really were). He has a tremendous fear of chickens, especially the cute and little ones. He gained this fear after a tragic accident of nearly getting his dick bit off by a homicidal, carnivorous chicken named Bill Gates.


AKA: The Distraction- The only character on the show that has real eyes. No body knows why he has eyes like this, but it is speculated by many that they are the eyes of Harrison Ford that allow Justin to take control of a female victim's mind once they are gazed upon. Justin is a muscular guy who is known for his special talent "Looking Hot". Every single female (and male) on the island is amazed with his looks and all of them show clear signs of wanting to go out with him. Justin responds by being absolutely silent and not saying anything. Justin is known all around for his his most famous quote, ".....". In the end, Justin winds up marrying the one person he loves more than anyone else... himself. Then he goes off on a honeymoon with himself and soon starts to have marriage issues with himself. He then quickly divorces himself. Then he makes up with himself and marries himself yet again. After remaining quiet through the entire season, he finally starts to talk in the finale and he actually turns out... to be almost as big an ass as Chris!


AKA: The Spitter- She was once a cute little girl until puberty kicked in. Then came the orthodontist and thus was born the very being that we have today. She has a bad habit of spitting when she talks due to her large braces messing up her mouth. She gets used by Heather early on, but eventually turns on her when she realizes just how evil she is (about five episodes after everyone else). She actually does pretty well in the game and even learns to stand up for herself. But then she took a leftover prop from the second Indiana Jones movie and winds up cursing the whole team, proving that you shouldn't mess with the magic of Hollywood. Beth is one of the few people who actually has a good reason for being in the competition. She wants to win the money to prove that anyone can be a winner if they try hard enough, but she loses.


DJ with his bunny. "Cuuuutte buunnnnyy.... Priittttyy buunny.... Tasteee bunneee..."

AKA: The Hugger - DJ is a Jamaica native living in Canada for completely unknown reasons. He has a big heart, is willing to help his friends and is very good with animals. In fact, he is suspiciously TOO good with animals... run little ones. He befriends a bunny and loves it very much, until it gets eaten by a snake which gets eaten by an eagle which gets eaten by a shark which gets sucked into a hurricane which dies down and drops the shark to the bottom of the sea which happens to have a major hole in it and the shark falls into the earth's core which melts the shark into steam which flows up to the earth's crust and then out into the universe which is soon smelled by God, while he isn't watching. DJ is one of the few campers who wants the money for a good cause. He wants to use the money so his mom can move back to Los Angelos(how sweet). Chris however eliminates him because of a simple fear that DJ shows when looking at Heather's face (hmm?).


AKA: The Vampire- The goth girl of the camp who wears alot of black and dyed her hair blue to make herself feel like an ocean. She is often mistaken by many as being a vampire (she's even been chased away by her neighborhood church), but in reality she is not a vampire, she's just an emo in training. She has a huge crush on Trent (even though in her previous incarnation she hated him with all her heart) and she is sought after by fellow camper Cody (whose bones she breaks at least once a day). She is really close enemies with Heather and Chris after they said that her clothes were really out of date. She has an incredible love for coffee and will even kill somebody for a cup.

She has a lot of fun at camp until she falls into Heather's trap and sees Heather kissing Trent. Gwen is heartbroken by the event and blames it all on the dock, she then runs to the dock and beats it with her fists while screaming in rage. She and LeShawna then take revenge on Heather by having all the other campers vote off Trent. Trent however tells her what really happened, Gwen believes him and waves good bye to him while shedding tears. She sees Trent again during the finale, but she forgets about what he said and starts to mistrust him. She nearly wins the show, but since Chris hates her he gives the money to Owen. After she loses, Trent attempts to kidnap her, but she manages to escape by administering a boot to the head.


AKA: The Troll- Not really a camper, more like the scary ogre that crawled out of Hitler's stomach. She never smiles or laughs or does anything friendly with the other campers because she is a ticking bomb of rage that could go off at anytime. The only thing that can possibly calm Eva is the sound of her Mp3 player, which if taken away could mean death for the other campers. She is actually very bad at controlling her temper, she has even killed a large number of Chris's interns simply because they were nearby (she crucified a producer when he asked her if she wanted a donut and raped your mom when she gave her candy). It was because of this that she was kicked off the show. However, she was given the incredibly rare second chance to win the show, only to be kicked off again within half an hour.


See Izzy isn't crazy...THIS IS JUST PAINT!!!!

AKA: The Homicidal- Izzy is a red haired friendly girl who comes from a family that loves to hack off ears (i.e. her whole family has the Contract Killer perk). The fellow campers actually refer to Izzy as more of an "it", because they discovered her name on a list of animals within the Animal Kingdom. Most of the campers are afraid of her because of her suspicious smile and the fact that she crawls on ceilings and walls. She also eats like a wild animal, scratches herself like a wild animal and even makes strange noises like a wild animal (it scares the shit out of the other campers). Many of the campers fear that Izzy may not be just crazy, but a psychotic homicidal maniac. Izzy is always telling them this is not true and that she loves her fellow campers VERY MUCH!!! Izzy has many talents like starting fires, knowing three hundred fighting styles and how to cause massive explosions. She is mostly seen with "red paint" all over her hands, usually after Chris has told the campers that an intern has has gone missing from the island.


“Where's that impostor? When I find him, I'm gonna kick his ass so hard, he won't know which way is up!”

~ Napoleon Dynamite on Harold

AKA: The Guy- This guy thinks everyone at camp is an idiot. Harold is the main protagonist of the show, but because everyone likes to bully him with harsh (and possibly gay) pranks it's hard to tell. Harold only wants to have fun at camp, but he is forced to instead repeat his life in middle school due to Duncan always bullying him. Harold pretty much has the hardest time at camp than anyone, so he is very happy when Chris finally take mercy on his poor soul and eliminates him. His happiness however ended when Chris signed both him and Duncan up for a second season.


AKA: The Tech-Tech-Dude - The tech genius who is the first human being to ever create a real working Lightsaber, he spends most of his time in his room building advance technology (this means weapons). He says that he makes these weapons so that he can one day get his revenge against all who picked on him. He also has a huge crush on Gwen because he finds vampires to be hot. In the end, he sets her up with Trent and says he's happy she chose someone hunker and better than him who makes her happy.

However, it turns out that he didn't actually want her to hook up with Trent, this was only part one of a master plan he cooked up to get Gwen and one of her bras (and show it off to everyone at school). The second part of the plan was for Gwen to find out that Trent is a jerk and then in her time of depression he would come to help her and thus hook up. Unfortunately for him, things didn't go as planned and Gwen turned out to really like Trent. Instead, Cody winds up attracting Beth (much to his dismay). Cody finally expresses his love for Gwen in the finale by sitting on the bench and doing absolutely nothing to help her while Trent is out there putting everything he's got in for her.


AKA: The Delinquent- The Bad Ass of the show who has a uno-brow, some spiky bands and a lot of piercings. He spent most of his life in jail because he's been selling reality show bootleggers on the streets for a majority of his life. He is also a certified sexual predator/pervert. Due to spending so much time in jail, Duncan is very strong and powerful camper who is able to survive anything that Chris throws at him (forcing Chris to try some new tricks). He is greatly disliked by both Chris and Chef because he he has actually made bootleggers of the entire show and plans to sell it off when he gets back home. Duncan's only weakness is his fear of cardboard celebrities that never move. He nearly wins the show, but he is finally taken down when Chef actually gets the chance to pick a loser. Oddly enough, he doesn't choose Owen who ate all of his damn stickybuns twenty minutes earlier.


“She and Duncan, where <sob> the best terrorist I could have!”

~ Osama bin Laden on Heather and Duncan
When Heather first arrived, the other campers felt fear. But Chris felt ratings.

AKA: The Bitch- Heather is a girl who comes from a city in Mexico called Cartel City. he has picked up many talents from her time in the city, including cheating, manipulating , detonating nuclear bombs near the American border, lying and stealing in order to gain an advantage in life. She is also good a performing exotic and naughty dances to gain support from men. As a child, Heather loved to eat cats and burn people's houses to the ground when they didn't give her cookies. It is said that her parents kicked her out of the house and then she devoured their souls in broad daylight. She was part of the Al-Qaeda when she was 4 and left when she lost her virginity.

Heather thinks she is the most popular girl on the island, even though everyone truly loathes her. Heather wants to win the money so that she can hire an army of virgins to help her open the portal to Hell and unleash her minions upon the world. Throughout the entire competition Heather manipulates fellow campers in her favor. She breaks many hearts, wrecks alot of friendships and overall, causes ratings to soar. She makes it very far in the competition until Gwen finally snaps and performs an exorcism on her, banishing her from the island forever. Heather used to be a fat person until one day she couldn't fit through the door and used a large knife to cut away some of her fat (the pain made her happy). She also has a retarted cousin that she likes to bitch slap in the face whenever she's bored.


AKA: The Dupe - Living proof that beauty does get someone through life. Lindsay is a rich and beautiful girl who seems to suffer from a rare brain disorder known as "blonde money syndrome", a syndrome in which the body and life are shaped so perfectly that the brain stops working. She is not very good at remembering names and is still trying to figure out what causes night and day. Heather pretty much uses her as a lackey because she knows that she doesn't do very much thinking. Lindsay has a romantic relationship with Tyler (because someone has to love him). She is the very last camper to discover exactly what Heather is really like (about ten minutes after she is eliminated) and goes into a violent storm of swear words. Despite losing and still being really stupid, she still remains hot and is the only camper to wind up on a magazine cover (see what we mean?).


AKA: The Sockboy- A guy who comes from a poor family who can't even afford cable. Most campers refer to him a "Z" because they can't pronounce his name. He likes to wear socks on his head and look like a punk, Chris says it's stupid (this coming from the guy who talks like a skater at the age of forty). Ezekiel has a unique way with women, he says that they are not as good as boys right in front of them. He is one of the few campers who wants to use the money for a good cause. He wants to use the money to be famous, that way his family will be rich and he will show the world anyone can be famous. Chris however eliminates him from the game first.


Owen and the chicken about to engage in combat.

AKA: The Soundwave- The camper with the biggest mouth and one of the few campers who actually looks normal. She spends a majority of the series complaining and complaining (fortunately it's usually at Heather). Also happens to be the ghettoist ghetto who ever ghettoed a ghetto in ghettoville. She is one of the few campers who wants to use the money for a good cause. She wants to win the money so that she can help kids on the street find good homes and food (and by good homes and food, she means Ronald McDonald obesity charity houses and 100% fake McDonald's McFood, the only thing she ever eats, obviously). However Chris eliminates her in the end (McCrap).


AKA: The Blob- The huge, bisexual camper who loves everyone (EVERYONE). He loves Canada, but not as much as he loves food. He is pretty much the only camper immune to whatever type of bacteria is in Chef's food. Owen actually is able to survive many challenges due to the fact that his large amount of blubber acts as a shield for him. He seems to get more and more nutty as the show goes on (possibly losing his mind through all the dangerous challenges). Despite getting along well with many people, Owen does get into some fights. These fights usually involve a giant mutant chicken who hates Canada. He wants to win the money simply so that he can blow it all on a huge party. Chris actually picks him as the winner and gives him the $100,000 (ARE YOU F****ING KIDDING???!!!!!).


AKA: The Playboy- The party nut who thinks that life is far too short and that you must throw a major party every single night (never once considering the bills). Geoff has been kicked out of every single house that he has every lived in because his neighbors can't stand his loud and wild parties. Due to the fact that he has throws at least one party a night, Geoff's entire body is filled with drugs, alcohol, lung cancer and STD's. These have all taken a toll on Geoff's brain, causing him to think that he is a cowboy and wear pink shirts with his ribs exposed.

His thinking is also clouded because his signature cowboy hat is so tight that it blocks a large amount of veins that give his brain it's ability to think straight. Everyone keeps advising Geoff to take off the hat for at least ten minutes, but Geoff always says "You never remove a man's soul."

Geoff has a major crush on fellow camper Bridgette and tries to show off it to her, usually in stupid and disastrous ways. He first attempted to impress her by giving her a heart shaped mirror with a corny note written in smeared lipstick. Bridgette however interpreted it as a blood written note from a psycho who was coming to kidnap her and developed a major fear of being left alone in the woods. With the help of his friend DJ, Geoff managed to hook up with Bridgette and then she was sprayed by a skunk and he never went near her again.

The Unimportant Campers Nobody Cares About[edit]

Noah AKA: The Snot- A Know-It-All camper who is so snotty and so bad at every kind of sport that we will not complete this note.

Katie and Sadie AKA: The Dweebs- They share the same brain like they share the same article.

Mr. Coconut AKA: The Salad- A regular Coconut that Owen forms a special bond with (a REALLY special bond), he plays a vital role in the show as he creates a filler episode for the show. Is tragically murdered by Chef Hatchet in the next episode.

Trent AKA: The Dude - Trent is Gwen's love interest/emo songwriter/douchebag... and that's all there is to say.

Other Characters[edit]

Interns-The Interns that take the punching bag role of the show. Chris sacrifices a majority of them in order to test his tortures. A few others mysteriously disappeared after spending a few minutes with Izzy and some were killed by Eva's world famous "Eva Smash."

Animals- Hang around in the show alot, usually don't do much.

Chris's Production Crew- Are in every single episode, but you never see them.

Psycho Killer- Holy crap, there really is a psycho killer after Bridgette. He later escapes within an inch of his life after he had a brief meeting with Izzy.


When watching this show, make sure you know exactly who to watch.

Total Drama island has the same plot as other reality shows, It simply revolves around the host Chris Mclean who (in an attempt to amuse himself) has spent so much money to put together a T.V. show that will put (mostly) innocent teenagers in a hospital (or worse) with a slight possibility of survival. The game of the show features teenage campers who have been pulled out of Canada desperately trying to survive a large number of dangerous and pointless challenges/tortures in order to win $100,000, proving that man would really choose money over humanity.

Most of the campers have no intention to use the money to make the world a better place or to feed hungry children, they will simply spend it on junk and all the other stuff that teens like. Along the way, there is some love and romance amongst the campers, but it is really only intended to be trashed by the end of the show. The game is not about who really deserves the money the most, but who will spend it in the least stupid way. Campers compete in deadly challenges (which can really kill them) for invincibility of being eliminated from the game (which will only last one single night).


1. Jump into shark infested waters without getting eaten- Campers are supposed to jump into shark infested water and swim really fast to the dock before they get eaten. The first one to make it wins the challenge, the last person to make it gets to do it again. If a camper gets eaten, their parents may not sue do to their contract.

Winner: Gwen (her appearance scared the sharks away)

Loser: The fish in the water (the sharks had to eat something)

2. Play Manhunt with real weapons- Campers must protect themselves from fellow campers who are armed. You can not take prisoners and you cannot quit the game. The camper who shoots ten campers first wins the challenge. You also cannot complain if you get shot.

Winner: Izzy (she is a skilled killer)

Loser: Everyone who got shot (production crew included)

3. Play a simple Dodgeball Game- Simply that.

Winner: no one (they all suck at sports)

Loser: everyone (they all suck at sports)

4. Renew the show- Because no one will talk to Chris, campers will have to sneak into the studio and convince the channel to renew the show.

Winner: Heather (she can be very persuasive)

Loser: Beth (she cannot be very persuasive)

5. Sacrifice the most unpopular camper on an alter- Chris's latest and sickest plan to toy with ones mind. Campers will have to pick a camper and sacrifice him on an alter to the gods. The camper that will be sacrificed must sign a new contract to have this action covered.

Winner: Duncan (he has no friends)

Loser: Noah (obvious reasons)

6. Put on a talent show that doesn't suck- Campers will have to perform a talent show on a stage that is rigged with explosive mines. If their act doesn't suck they will be allowed to walk off peacefully. If their act does suck, Chris will activate the mines and blow them off stage. Whether they survive or not is their problem.

Winner: Heather (she can be very persuasive)


7. Watch "Son of the Mask"and look at Weegee for 1 hour with even worse effects- yes... such a movie and virus exist,and the unlucky campers had to see them.

Winner: Izzy (only her insane brain could take the stress)

Loser: Everyone else (they jumped out the window within the first ten minutes of the film,some were weegified from looking at Weegee)

8. Dance with a monkey- Dance with a highly untrained, feral monkey.

Winner: Izzy (she thinks like a monkey)

Loser: everyone who doesn't think like a monkey

10. Sleep- So campers can't figure out Chris's next evil scheme.

Winner: Chris (it worked like a charm)

Loser: Everyone else (they didn't suspect a thing)

11. Pass Obama's health care plan- Simply that

Winner: No one because the damn congressmen are assholes.

Loser: No one because we keep one of the worst health care systems on Earth.

12. Survive a day with the most unpopular mascots- Campers must survive a happy fun filled day with all those rejected Olympic mascots that were left on a lost island

Winner: No one (they all ran from the homicidally rejected mascots)

Loser: Chris (he wanted some of the mascots to kill some of the campers so they couldn't win)

Harold during the "conquer a european nation" challenge.

13. Conquer a small European nation- Europe doesn't approve of Chris's actions, so he is now officially mad at them. The campers must build up large armies and invade and conquer a small european country that no one cares about. Whoever sets up the most oppressive dictatorship wins.

Winners: Heather (It was what she was born to do)

Loser: DJ (He was too sweet and nice to boss anyone around)

14. Win a fight with a United States Marine- Chris is just that evil.

Winner: Marine ( the US Marine is the incarnation of Kickass and Badass)

Loser: Everyone

15. Spend a day with Chef-along with his disgusting and probably dangerous food.

Winner: Owen (had a blast with the food)

Loser: Heather (accidently ate some mashed potatoes that had a detonator in it and it went off)

16. Watch 48 hours of "Out of Jimmy's Head" without killing yourself- Many of the campers said this was the worst of all the tortures. Campers are locked in a room filled with all kinds of weapons around them. Then they must watch forty eight straight hours of Cartoon Network's Made In Hell Show, Out of Jimmy's Head. The campers must get through all forty eight hours and resist the urge to kill themselves.

Winner: Izzy (so demented she actually liked the show!)

Losers: Heather (set herself on fire after finding something more evil than her)

17. Watch a slasher film and survive a night with Mike Myers- And for those campers who didn't like his movies... you'd better pray.

Mike Myers makes his grand debut on the show.

Winner: Owen (actually thought "The Love Guru" was a great film)

Loser: All the other campers who didn't like his films (no body was killed, but their hospital bills went through the roof)

18. Pick who gets eliminated next- Campers will learn what it means to be an ass like Chris.

Winner: Chris (he got to see all the campers struggle to find who the strongest camper was)

Loser: The strongest camper (obvious reasons)

19. Attend a Star Trek convention- Chris wants to see if anyone can survive a five hour lecture on why Mr. Spock should be the captain over Kirk.

Winner: Harold (he was amongst his people)

Loser: Courtney (because she takes in too much stuff, her brain literally exploded)

20. Play a "Game": Guest-starring Jigsaw- In this episode, campers had to compete in "games" (as Jigsaw called them) designed by Jigsaw. Noah was also re-incarnated for this episode.

Winner: Everyone but Noah

Loser: Noah (he was too busy complaining that he didn't get out of the sawblade trap in time; he was literally eliminated in this round; the campers rejoiced)

21. Come up with a challenge- Chris is too lazy to think of anything, so he'll let the campers come up with something gruesome.

Winner: Duncan (his idea was beyond painful)

Loser: Owen (he had to test the challenge out)

22. Watch the Nightmare on Elm Street then spend the whole night trying to conjure Freddy Krueger- course nobody really stopped to think it was only a movie.

Winner: Chris (Chris left them and made them look like idiots)

Loser: Owen (ate mushrooms, got high, and thought he got killed by Freddy)

23. Eat 900 tacos without getting diarrhea - Yeah, Chris is trying to mess up people's respiratory system now.

Winner: Owen (he managed to hold it in just long enough)

Loser: Owen (because he held it in too long, he will never poop again... EVER!)

24. Watch Total Drama Island for 72 hours straight without killing yourself- And watch all the suffering you went through and be reminded... there's more to come.

Winner: No one (they all committed suicide after they saw all the hardships they had gone through and being reminded of what was to come)

Loser: Everyone (the entire cast had to be re-incarnated for the next episode)

25. Act like mentally retarded idiot- So Chris can laugh at someone's misfortunes like the true ass he is.

Winner: Owen (obviously)

Loser: Every human being on Earth (Owen out-retarded them all)

26. Survive a doomsday machine- Chris has completely evacuated the island and has only left Gwen and Owen left. He has used stolen terrorist technology to create a doomsday device that is set to go off. The one who can deactivate the machine will win the one hundred thousand dollars, the other (or both) will be lost and Chris will collect insurance money off of their death.

Winners: Owen (his large amount of blubber protected him and Gwen from the doomsday machine's effect)

Loser: Chris (since neither one died, he actually had to pay one of them $100,000)


The show was actually supposed to end after the first season. So when the big special aired, all the fans gathered around to see the finale. The special started with Owen throwing away all the money that he won in order to gain an even larger amount of money (thus making the entire season completely pointless). After that, all the fans enjoyed the special, until it happened. The special ended on the number one thing that T.V. audiences despise the most, a cliff hanger. Thus, it was revealed that another season would commends in order to conclude this cliff hanger. The new season will be known as Total Drama Action, a name that obviously says there will be a lot more chaos. The season will air sometime in the near future when you least suspect it.

Originally, there were going to be fifteen contestants competing in Total Drama Action: the fourteen contestants who were not simply cannon fodder in the first season, plus Justin, who randomly grew an actual personality. But then, it was realized that far too many people liked Courtney, even though she was supposed to be hated by the fans, so they changed their minds about putting Courtney in the show, and had her dump Duncan in the special episode, since all the fans only liked her because of their crush on Duncan, anyway. Unfortunatly when it aired the ratings for that show went into triple digits.Yep.

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