Transformers Rejected by Hasbro

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In 1984, Hasbro made history with its immensely popular Transformers toyline. Many people don't realize that the toys are actually Japanese in origin. Sadly, many characters did not make the transfer to North America, for various reasons.



  • Cockgobbler - A Fuzor. Transforms into a half-rooster, half-turkey. The toy had a wind-up "pecking action" and six children in the U.S. play test group lost eyes.
  • Cunticons - Planned as the first all-female Decepticon combiner team, but were canceled. Not to be confused with the Stunticons (who were all male).


  • Dumptaker - Transforms into a dump truck. A kid tried putting uranium in the toy's truck bed and died of radiation poisoning. A subsequent ruling by Judge Lance Ito forced Hasbro to pay the boy's family 50 million dollars for negligence and the toy was pulled from the market.


Floptimus Prime, theater mode
  • Floptimus Prime - Transforms into a movie theater. Tortures the Decepticons with 24/7 viewings of Howard the Duck and Ishtar. This concept was deemed too cruel for a children's toy.
  • Feces Flinger - Transforms into a pile of feces that then hurls itself at enemies.


Half Cock
  • Half Cock - Transforms into a .357 Magnum. Unreleased due to anti-gun lobbyists.


Loafpincher in vehicle mode
  • Loafpincher - Transforms into a bread truck. Motto: "Semper Fiber!". Concerns were raised that the Gai's logo on his vehicle mode might be interpreted as advocating homosexuality.


  • Octimus Prime - Transforms into an octopus. Several people think they actually had this toy when they were kids, but in fact they just can't spell.


  • Pussyfooter - Transforms into a kitten. Hasbro worried that it wouldn't engage the demographic of boys aged 6-11.


Shitpiece prototype