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Transplants are a band that started out of Vietnam. After coming into contact with Agent Orange they mutated and swelled, then imploded rendering them dismantled bodies. After their dismantlement they immediately sought medical attention from Dr. Finklestein who sewed their limbs back on (of course on the wrong bodies and in the wrong places). They were named The Transplants simply because they have the highest number of bodily transplants between three people and are currently competing with Michael Jackson's nose.

Early Career[edit]

After finally returning to a more respectful state, this being the ability to walk and pluck strings they decided to put out an album. But when they put out the album, it turned out to be an EP, the band had no idea what the difference between an EP and an album was. They asked what made the work an EP, the producer replied that it was that the album was only 16 minutes long, a full-length album is at least 25 minutes. In order to gather more sales, they came up with an ingenious plan to convert their EP to an album. At the end of each recorded EP they added a 10 minute long track with no actual sound recorded on it. This clearly increased their original 16 minute EP to a whopping 26 minute album. When the new "album" was released their plan proved successful, and sparked a new generation of artists with very diverse and unique "Blank Tracks" as the empty additions became known as. They later released a few albums that all included the Blank Track feature.

It was agreed upon that after 14 years of not playing any music, that they needed to release a new album. They decided that the Blank Track technique was getting old. After spurring the revolutionary format of Blank Tracks, many copy-cat bands emerged, all using their trademark EP extension technique. Also they were getting tired of having people cheat and turn off their CD players before the last songs of their albums. Though they still loved the idea because it allowed them to produce more albums with less songs. So they set out to re-engineer their original ingenious plan. Instead of including the Blank Track at the end of the "album", they included the track at the beginning of the album, but also included as part of the first song. This forced the listener of the album to hear 10 minutes of silence before his loud hip hop oriented punk music would kick-in randomly, usually resulting in frightening the listener. Though not as popular as their first idea, it also gained a small following. The popularity of this format of CD stayed for quite a while, until the fast-forward button was introduced in 1985.

Downfall and (Literal) Breakup[edit]

After people were tired of the Transplants recyclying their sounds over and over and their highly (by the new standards) useless Blank Track technique. Popularity for the band was lost. Transplants had a successful career and decided to return to Vietnam, though overlooked the fact that the war was still going on. They suffered another implosion from Agent Orange exposure. They couldn't be re-built though, it appeared that the amount of exposure this time was a much higher dose. But most fans didn't care, they were caught up in the next ingenious music revolution. Coloring blank CDs with Sharpie markers, people could not previously do this due to the Transplants all-black albums, white-out was attempted but caused hazardous effects to the CDs.


  • Note: All of the albums released by "The Transplants" all turned out to be the same first EP, only the track order of all the songs was swapped randomly. The Blank Track was exempt from this track re-ordering however.