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Trendy is a dangerous infection which effects the mind. It decreases the carriers IQ, but at the same time increases self esteem and ego. When infected the trendy then is obsessed with scoring girls which is also a form of spreading the infection. It is believed that it is usually transfer through psycosis rather than physical form. It forces the carrier to go to an odd ritual at the closest point to hell on earth a.k.a the wezz. This happens every two weeks or so and excessive amounts of scoring and other deviant sexual activities take place. Infected people going to the wezz are given the illusion of having fun.

Curing "trends"[edit]

It is almost impossible to cure aside from letting it run its course. It usually lasts for the entire of the teenager years and can sometimes even stretch into late twenties or early thirties and even after this the effects can last until senillity sets in. The only way to cure it is by using a reality slap this is extremly difficult as most trendys are too infected to notice.