Trenton, Illinois

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Trenton is a small hick town located in southern Illinois.

Why Do We Care?[edit]

The truth is, no one cares about it now. What you really want to know about it is why you WILL care.

Ok Then, Why WILL We Care?[edit]

I'm glad you asked. Trenton is not important at the present time. Nothing important has ever happened there in the past either, but a mysterious prophecy states that it will be overrun and destroyed by speranah in the year of 2009. It is not known who made the prophecy, who discovered it, or what it says exactly because followers of the christian religion have covered it up, but it is DEFINATELY 100% authentic and true. One theory is that George Dubya Bush is somehow involved.

George Dubya Bush?[edit]

Yes. Many people believe that George Dubya Bush is planning to wield the speranah to destroy the small town of Trenton because they made fun of his hair. It is unknown exactly how someone can wield the awesome might of the speranah, but one theory is that speranah will attack anything that has been pelted with steak. Basically, the belief is that old Georgie's plan is to dump hundreds of pounds of rotting steak onto Trenton, and hope that a clan of speranah just happen to be downwind.

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